1. P

    iCloud issue with OS X 10.11 El Capitan

    I (finally) got around to install the new developers preview for OS X and to getting iOS 9. Shortly after, I noticed that on my Mac (rMBP L13 if that helps?) in iCloud, it doesn't have iCloud Drive, Safari, Keychain, and back to my Mac enabled. I can't re-enable any of these no matter how many...
  2. rileysurfer

    Color Changing Bambino Bellissimos

    Anyone else have an issue with the inside padding of Bambino Bellissimos turning a reddish color after wetting? Maybe it's because of the brand of baby powder I am using, or the amount, but any time I wet I notice the inside of the diaper turns a bright pink to red color in some of the wet...
  3. FoxyFox

    Skype-aholics Unite!

    Hey, everyone! I have recently found a glitch in the Skype system and I'm almost sure I have a solution to the problem. So, if anyone is getting an "error message" when trying to connect to Voice/Video Calls and Skype is ultimately crashing because of it, please post here so I'll know it's not...
  4. betagame

    more people!!!| on adisc.

    I have been noticing more and MOAR posts done by newbies lately with little posts and some 0 threads. is this bad?? Yes, because were getting more public and open, and that means there will need more money to run the place, if not a new admim.