1. whitejackdublin

    New member Dublin 45 m

    Hi Folks I’m a professional in Dublin, 45, have been wearing for 15 years on and off in secret, when I can. Wearing nappies is a fetish for me which I indulge in by myself or occasionally with a lady. Looking forward to chatting in general with the community, in Ireland especially, but also...
  2. A

    Hi from Northern Ireland ^^

    Im a diaper fur I have always loved diapers for as long as I can remember I'm shy but I wana meet other ab/dls chat and make friends =3
  3. S

    Vlesi have changed.

    So I went to my local chemist to get my usual pack of 30 Vlesi slip comfort, seeing as they're the ONLY brand accessible to me in my town. I was pretty excited to have them because I hadn't actually gotten any diapers in months. Okay so i got them home to find out that the whole look of them had...
  4. M

    Buying diapers in Ireland

    Hello Im moving to Ireland and would like to know if anyone knows where to buy adult diapers e.g. Tena or Molicare. Do the pharmacies stock them or the supermarkets? I would not be able to order online, just to buy now and again. Thanks, hope everyone's well Jack
  5. M

    New wet nappy wearer

    Hey there I'm about a 2 years into wearing nappies, I wear some days and not others. Why? a great comfort to me. Haven't analysed it more than that. Am married but work away a lot so am able to wear in private. Am straight, so would like to chat to women who wear nappies too, but will chat...
  6. M

    so little known about Eiré

    ok so this has started to anoy me. Neerly Everytime I talk to people not from Ireland I heard stupid things about Ireland that are oviously not true but thay realy think its true and I have herd things like: Are there realy leprocons in Ireland (thay are made up fs) Wow ur can u...