1. Moo

    IRC Helpers

    Recently, we've asked a few IRC (Live Chat) regulars to help us with moderation. These members will be known as "IRC Helpers". When a full IRC mod is active, they let the full IRC mod handle whatever comes up. When there is no full IRC mod active, however, they're responsible for dealing with...
  2. Trevor

    Newbies in the IRC

    I was going over some of the chat logs today and I came across something that bothered me. It's about how we act around new folks in the chat. I've seen different aspects of the behavior appear more often recently so I thought it would be a good idea to get it out in a discussion that might...
  3. T

    My Own Introduction

    Hello there! here is my long awaited introduction (people have been asking for this many times) A bit about myself: My name is Benjamin, and im a 21 years old college student. i live in Fredericia, Denmark. im straight, and single. i love games, and i always dreamed of becoming a male...
  4. Jeremiah

    Ubuntu (Linux) and IRC chat problem

    I have a problem with Ubuntu (currently 7.10, but should be 8.04 tomorrow). The IRC chat directions listed do not match what Gaim Instant Messenger requests. Can anyone provide directions for a very new Ubuntu user to set up the IRC for #ADISC? Also, what software is recommended for Linux...