1. K

    Need help on iPhone 7 contacts transfer

    I have been a Blackberry users for the past a few years and now turned to iPhone. There are a lot of contacts on the BB and i have to move them to iPhone 7. What is the fastest way to do that?
  2. kashi

    Need tech savey suggestions

    Tl;Dr: Want a new phone with good memory (30GB+), powerful enough to play Pokemon Go and fallout shelter (Plus longevity), Good battery life, doesn't matter if it's android or apple don't care. Please no flame wars ^_^ Okay so my parents have offered me the freedom to request a gift of some...
  3. GuitarGuy

    Droped iphone in water and had tbdl stuff on it...

    ok so today I dropped my iphone I the toilet :( and i had alot of stuff in my history and pictures saved on my phone as well as this site opened when it feel in. My concern is that since my dad is up for an upgrade he is going to give me his old iphone if he does that and has my info put on that...
  4. Spiro910

    Show us your mobile's theme!

    Hey there, being inspired by an iphone theme I just put together from a bunch of different themes and by Paul Fox's thread :P, I've decided to create a mobile theme thread :D Here's my iphone theme =] Compilation of themes: Malice by iKon, MonoChromeHTC by Monty, & Principium from...