1. T

    Dance Mother F**ker Dance!

    Hi everyone! Please do not let my thread post scare you, I was justing listening to some music and that was a line said by the Violent Femmes ;) 1. I really really like music. I play a few instruments and if you are interested I have a soundcloud as well as a youtube channel where I do a few...
  2. P

    Hello Everyone

    Hi guys, my name's Dave. I'm a lifelong DL, and frequent lurker on this website, who's finally decided to introduce myself to everyone. I'm really pretty shy and introverted, so social interactions (even digital ones) just aren't my thing. However, over the past year my life has been changing...
  3. rgfire

    Introverted and kinky

    I was googleing stuff on the internet about fetishes (research :detective3) and came across an article which was on 'The Times' website. For those of you not UK based, The Times is a UK newspaper. I'm not sure how to link to the page but here is some of the article - "The origins of fetishism...