1. Fortcat

    Hello, I just joined :)

    Hi ;) I'm Fortcat, I'm a little from Kansas city, I just found this site today and just knew I had to make an account :) I feel like this is such a boring introduction lol, but I'm mostly looking to talk/make new friends and hangout o.o Once I able, I would like to post some pictures of some of...
  2. WiddleWillow

    Hiya!! From the Deep South!~

    Hi everyone <3 You can call me Luna or Willow ;) I am in my early-20's, biofemale, disabled, and very into Divination,Natural Living, Activism, and Conspiracy Theories :) <3 I have beenRegressing since I was very young, and have recently decided to let myinhibitions go and try cloth diapers out...
  3. Andustar

    What am I doing here?

    I don't really know what to write, but here goes... My first passion is playing music. Bass guitar is my tool of choice. I enjoy the emotions I can cause people to feel just by vibrating some strings. I also enjoy playing games. Video games, board games, poker, sports. I am a very competitive...
  4. Kittyhobo

    Greetings! I'm new and awesome, get to know me!

    Hello! I am Kittyhobo, the one and only. Hopefully the one and only at least. I'm one cool cat, and I'm an adult baby, or something of the sort. If I weren't I probably wouldn't be here. You may now be wondering, "Well what makes you such a cool cat?" My answer is, "Nothing." But I'll let you...
  5. M

    Ayy Lmao, another dude bro.

    Seeing as i'm required to make an introductory thread to actually post here, I guess I have to say hello. Hello, My name is >insert legal name here< and I have recently joined this forum. My interests are pizza, sleeping, and reading Books by Kurt Vonnegut until I vomit on the couch. Do not...
  6. africat

    Hello, ADSIC!

    Hello, everyone! I'm a 20 year old college student studying visual design and computer science in California. My goal is to work within the entertainment industry. I want to create content for video games or animated films. I'm happy to report that I'm learning new things and working harder...
  7. P

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself! Ive been browsing the forums for years and finally feel the need to make an account. little bit about myself my GF and I have been in a relationship for 5 years now. Around our second year of dating she found out my ABDL intersts and was very...
  8. S

    Greetings from Norway

    Hello! My name is OJ, I am new to this site. I am 18 years old and I am a shy person, i like meeting like minded people, and people with different opinions than me. I speak Norwegian and English. the last year of my high school. Next year i will head to university and hopefully study computer...
  9. P

    Lurkers everywhere

    HI! I am Paul, I came here because is the only big support community, but I am not here very often, I am more normally arround tumblr where I have my own blog ^^. I am spanish, little and proud of it.
  10. F


    Hey folks! finally getting around to my intro. I'm a dl in NYC.. been a dl as long as I can remember. I go through periods of not thinking about it at all, to wearing all the time :) It's sexual and non sexual.. really fills a lot of needs for me. Not really an AB but have been enticed over...
  11. Snowlily

    I am Snowlily

    Ahoy!~ I'm Snowlily the pony and I love my daddy!~
  12. W


    I've been a member of this site for quite some time but never had the courage to also tell a little about myself. So here you go. I'm a DL as it makes me feel good. My personal circumstances don't allow for wearing diapers all the time, although I wish I could just go with how I feel. I'm an...
  13. KiwiBoi

    Greetings, all.

    Just wanted to say hi to all those out there and put up an introduction post of my own. I'm a high school student looking at studying a health science in New Zealand (which is NOT part of Australia). I am into mountain biking, driving and working on cars (preferably Subarus, my other great...
  14. smoore

    WOW i dont feel alone any more

    i always thought i was alone in the world with this whole diaper thing, most the site you see for ab/dl makes us look like pervs..... but any way i would like to say hello. im a big video gamer and doctor who fan. first off all praise adisc:worshippy: any who i look forward to meeting many like...
  15. Z

    Drum role please...... INTRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello there peeps i was lurking on this site today and found out i already had an account! How weird, right? I'm truly impressed with how often people actually post and the responsiveness for dinky little post. All this made me want to become an active member. Its been 2 years since Ive been...
  16. C

    Longtime member/New Intro

    Been a member here for some years. Apparently got to re-up because of the "password thing" this morning. Haven't visited in a good while. I live in a medium-sized Southern town/city, where there must be plenty of AB/DL but I've never met another one. I've been fascinated with the whole...
  17. CharlieBear

    I'm a newbie, helping newbies..

    So I just joined up yesterday but I'm already getting the hang of things around here and I started to help out other new members by responding to their introductions.. it feels good to help out! :) Anyone ever done this? :cool:
  18. K

    Introductions, or so it seems

    Greetings and Salutations, denizens of the intewebz. It has come to my attention that I've not made a single posting, which is true and I have come rectify this error in my judgement! A few simple things would be that my interest in diapers, be it in relation to AB or DL traditions began in...
  19. B

    Hello, I'm BabyZacky

    Hello, everyone. I discovered today while doing a Google search for something AB/DL related and I’m glad I found it. I’m an adult baby with an interest in wearing and using diapers. As an adult I never have worn them but I’m trying to lose weight so that I can wear diapers and then...
  20. Missilekid10

    Wellz Hiyas! ^_^

    Either way i needed to start posting on ADISC as i visit this site a lot but yet to post anything so thought i might introduce myself. My First Name is Mark, I Live in the Minneapolis Area of Minnesota. Right now i am in my senior year of highschoo looking forward to going to the university of...