1. PaddiePuppy

    Hello from Massachusetts!

    Hiya! I'm PaddiePuppy, I'm a furry/babyfur who loves drawing. I wanted to find a way to connect and chat with more ab/dl's like me. So that's what brought me here! I'm currently going to school for art. I actually just graduated from community college recently. Now I'm taking a gap year and...
  2. Elad92

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello all, I have finally taken the step to create an account. I have been looking on this forum for a few weeks now and finally decided to bite the bullet and join. I have been interested diapers (nappies to us in the UK) for the last month or two. It started out with my girlfriend wearing...
  3. ThatLittleHusky

    Hiiya Adisc~

    I am terrible at introductions so bear with me. Been an occasional browser for years but never made an account. Who am I? Meme queen supreme loving the existential dread that follows waking up every morning. All I do is watch Netflix and shitpost myself to death on a daily basis. You can call...
  4. I


    Hey guys! Im a fellow DL with an open mind, i'm interested in almost anything :) As far as i remember diapers always fascinated me, so when i found this forum i immediately registered, but i haven't been able to post much :/ Until now!:tongueout: Looking forward to meet you guys!
  5. C


    HI I'm Cobweb! (username doesn't mean anything I just googled random username lol) College Student studying Physics and have a beautiful girlfriend who I love and yes she knows about this side of me I like wearing diapers and putting her in diapers. would love to hear about good ways to use the...
  6. N

    NHBab has joined the server!

    Hello, How are you? My Name Is NHBab; I am an DL Daddy. I am 19, and male. My favorite type of Adult Diaper is a Northshore. I came here after being on a few discord servers, in which, directed me here. my favorite passtimes are to draw, Make pixel art, paint, and play video games, such as...
  7. luckyfoot

    hello everyone

    Hey there! I'm Tiger, and have been an ABDL for as long as I can remember. I currently live in the New Mexico where I live with my two dogs. I love cartoons, drawing, and all sorts of other things... I'm sorry if that sounds vague, I'm not great at summarizing myself. I'm hoping to meet...
  8. SleepyBunny

    Im new here, so, what up.

    Hello! My name is {disclosed} xD . I am sort of new here (i read on this site, but never made an account). This is my fist/only abdl forum I have joined and is also the first forum in general (i think, may not be accurate). So here it goes... I like making things and tinkering with stuff...
  9. babygrayble

    New Member of the Adult Baby Community!

    Hello! My name is Grayble and I am new to this website! I have been a regressor for most of my life, but I have only identified the concept within the past few years. About Me: I am a strong Christian woman from San Diego, California. I am in my last year of high school, and will be graduating...
  10. W

    Not really sure why....

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to redeem myself from the horrors of lurker status, and say hi. I pop in here once in awhile, and it seems to be happening more frequently too. I'm into more of the diaper loving than the baby side of things. Diapers feel so comfy, warm, and secure. They also happen...
  11. M


    I am Matt, I am a diaper lover and a adult baby who occasionally likes to dress as a girl. I love video games and sports. I hope to meet lots of new people and make friends along the way!
  12. ben10hnt


    Hi, I'm Ben. I've been aware of my passion for wearing diapers for some time, but only recently do I fully accept it as part of my life and start seriously buying and using diapers! I didn't realise that there are many large ABDL communities out there and I'm glad to be a part of on. :)
  13. G

    Hey Everyone

    1) Hello! Who are you? Hey there ADISC community. After looking at the site from time to time when I was needing advice or wanted a hot take on the latest products, I have now joined, and I'm looking forward to be being part of and contributing to the community here. This is my first footprint...
  14. MajesticHamster

    My introduction

    1) Hello! Who are you? I'm MajesticHamster. I really like hamsters, and they are my favorite animal. 2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression) I love cloth diapers but would be willing to try disposables. 3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests...
  15. T


    Hi, im ThatD and I am interested in Diapers but don't have tried them yet. I am from germany, so English is not my native Language, but I can read it well, but writing something is really not my thing. PS: DiLo was not a good pseudonym, so I just changed it to ThatD but using my normal one...
  16. N

    hello, not sure where to start

    Hello, I'm glad I found this site. I've lurked on some of these sites for years, sort of off and on, but thought I'd take the plunge. I wouldn't say diapers are sexual for me, they just make me feel "right", happier, not anxious. Anyway, not sure what that makes me exactly, but nice to meet...
  17. V

    Hiya from England!

    Hi! I've been a DL for as long as I can remember, but I've never been able to indulge in it, since I lived with my parents. However, now that I've moved on to university, I'm excited about being able to finally experiment and explore this side of myself. With the move away from my home, I now...
  18. S

    New Member Here

    Hey everyone, I am a new member and would like to get to know all of you, and tell you all a little bit about me. I am in my early twenties and I have been into ddlg/ diapers since I can remember. I am connected on tumblr and instagram as well. Basically I am a big movie guy, video gamer, geek...
  19. W

    Hello Hello!

    I haven't introduced myself since signing up who knows how long ago!! I can't believe I forgot! Any who, my name is Katie and I am an abdl mostly ab. I have a daddy whom I love very much! I love cuddles and cartoons and coloring basically all childish/babyish things. Except pacis. I use them...
  20. L

    Hello from US!

    Hello! I'm here to make friends and learn more about this community. I work in a cafeteria for mentally disabled people. I'd like to wear diapers, but not use them because I don't feel comfortable doing that. I like to play video games and watch horror movies. I hope you guys have a...