introduction of me

  1. S

    I am an Island

    I've been a Diaper Lover for about 32 years. I enjoy being in Diapers 24/7. My reason for being here is because this is a group that I belong to. Many people don't understand when they find out someone wears Diapers, and that makes life a bit frustrating. I am obsessed with Diapers and plan to...
  2. TabulaRasa2017

    Long time adult baby and little; newbie to embracing it.

    Hello everyone! It has taken me decades to get to this point, but I'm so glad I have. Like I imagine it has been for so many of you, I have wanted to wear diapers and regress and be loved for who I am for about as long as I can recall. I have only recently worked up the courage to admit that to...
  3. J

    my introduction

    hiya im jamie , im 19 and im a trans male, i am bisexual, and i have been into the adult bay stuff for a few years, i am looking for a longterm mommy or daddy. i am in college doing photography, i am a cute, bubbly person, a little bit shy, when i am in little mode i am 1 -2 years old, i wear...
  4. B


    hi all, just introducing myself, im female, 19 years old. im fun to get a long with and i like to play lg :) feel free to message or chat.
  5. L

    Howdy Y'all!

    Hello. I am a 42 yr old male who lives in the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton area of Pennsylvania. I am married with children, just like Al Bundy! I have been fascinated by wearing and using diapers for as long as I can recall (around age 4 or 5, I remember back that far!) and though I really have no...
  6. F

    Umm... Hi?

    I'm not exactly new to these ABDL thing, but I'm definitely new to this site. So... Hi everybody. The name's Marcus. That's not my real name though, but I prefer if you call me that. I'm pretty much a shy person to new environments. I'm a furry. I'm also an artist too, you can find me on...
  7. W

    Ohh Haii :)

    Haii guys. I am a teenager in High School. I don't enjoy school but do not completely loathe it either, as I get to play sports at Lunch with my mates. I am hoping to become a teacher or engineer when I am older :P I am here because all my life I have had an interest in diapers, for some...