introduction me

  1. dbabyboy23

    Hi! I’m Alex!

    Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I’ve been a diaper butt for about almost a year now. I don’t wear them that often as I don’t have the privacy for them as much anymore but I do love a soggy diap. My first experience in wetting/messing myself aside from when I was a young child was somewhere...
  2. F

    Hello from Canada

    Yup - from our nations capital. I have been doing this now for 45 years. Recently started in an FLR which has required me to wear more "frequently" due to mommies insistence. Don't know what started it off at the ripe old age of 7 or 8 which is my first recollection of my desires and wants. Did...
  3. DavidGB

    New member of ADISC, but long-time AB/DL

    Hi Everyone. I have been looking at various web sites concerning AB/DL interests but I'm mostly a lurker. The only previous web site that I was really active on was and I was sad to see it disappear. In my adult life I am a plasma physicist. Yikes! (I hear you say) What is a plasma...
  4. LuxuryOfInfancy

    A little bit about me :)

    First off, (I'm sure you get this a lot) I commend the moderators for the tutorial stickies, very informative, thanks! :clap: O.k, so some info about me.. I have a great love of many things in life, primarily music (I play keyboard/synth, not well, mind you, but I try :blushie:) , movies and...
  5. BabyRay

    My Introduction

    Hello! people from adisc. I'm Mexican, I have good notes at school, and like playing video games, including Zelda. I love anime like: Dragon Ball, Naruto and Pokemon. I'm here because I want to wear diapers, and in te night i always sleep with my paci. Actually, I'm sucking on it right...