introduction babyfur

  1. TinyBabyHooves

    *Wanders in*

    Hi there! I'm new to the community. My name is Daimhin, although I also go by other pseudonyms such as Gage and Damhirsch. I'm a 19 year old guy living in North East England. I'm currently attending college at the moment. In addition, I also hope to get into university at some point. Possibly to...
  2. meganleighwoulffe


    Hewwo! I's Megan, a two year old royal koopa hatchling! I'm usually pretty outgoing and make friends easy, so I hope that will happen here. I work in the tech industry doing 3rd party tech support over the phone. It's fun because I get to work from home! I'm here cause of course I'm a babyfur...