1. Selenamisia

    My Introduction (Finally)

    Hello there, I'm Purrincess. I'm kinda shy and quiet when meeting people but eventually I'll open up and show how much of a huge dork I am. So, as you all are probably wondering, there must be a reason as to why I'm here. Well, I'm an AB/DL, little, and kitten. I like to wear diapers and...
  2. sproutling

    New Babyfur sona <3 (artwork)

    Hehe, since I needed to make a new tumblr I made a new sona so people don't recognize my old sona anywhere. Meet baby Sol! He's a precious lion cub who hasn't quite grown in his mane yet! His...
  3. Albertje

    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone, I guess it is time to finally introduce myself. I am tall, slim, blue eyes, dark hair. I am well educated and am co-owner of a small company. I like good food, cooking, fly fishing, hiking, reading and being by, on, in or under water. I feel and when possible act like a...
  4. Viridian

    Greetings from the American Bible-Belt!

    I'm Viridian or Viri for fans of cute diminutives. I'm a pre-transition transsexual, not for lack of trying though. I regress as part of what my therapist believes is a coping mechanism for gender issues and an abnormal childhood. I was referred to this site by someone who I met at a littles...