1. Adnap

    Hello from Colorado

    What's up y'all, just wanted to say hi! I am a northern Colorado abdl, babyfur. I just got out of a 7-year relationship. He cheated on me with another dude. I am wanting to start looking for new friends and new people to chill out with. More about me, I am an ex-chef who did that for eight...
  2. BabyPrincessMimi

    Hi There!

    Hello everybody, I just found this site earlier today and I've found it very helpful and informative. I'm very new to dl but its very clear to me now that I should try and join this community I suppose I should say I'm a shy person with many mental disorders. I'm in my last year of school...
  3. DragonFire04534

    Getting Rid of Lurker

    Hello everyone! My name is DragonFire. I'm posting, because I was labeled a lurker. I'm sorry, but there are other stuff to do in my life. I'm going to put my stories online (here?), but they do not go with the theme of AB/DL/Furry/etc. So yeah!
  4. G


    Hello, Just a little post to introduce myself. I'm Guema, 20 years old, and DL. Execpt Diaper, i like geeky hoobies like series, video games, moovies... I also love My little Pony : Fim who is a great show. Hello everypony ;)
  5. B

    Erm... Hi. o.o

    Hey, guys! I'm finally getting the nerve to post something on here. I've been a member for a while now but I've been too nervous to introduce myself. My name is Kate and I'm an LG. I started out with just an interest in diapers, then I slowly began to explore the AB portion of everything and...
  6. K

    Hello there!

    Hey there! Let me introduce myself; I am just a normal 17 year old ( almost 18!) boy with an interesting hobby wich most of us here share; diapers. I am a DL/TB I'm from the Netherlands, so when my grammar is not correct, you will know why ;). I go to school like most of the people of my age...