1. G

    First time interacting online about ABDL

    This is my very first time making any interaction on the internet involving ABDL stuff. First off I am a diaper lover and I only just wear them, I like having a secret. I am in a long term relationship with my girlfriend, witch does know about this and also does support me. I am in college right...
  2. BurgundyRose


    good evening! I've been a lurker for a while and decided to say hello. I'm twenty one and live in the united states. You can call me burgundy. I'm a little, a dl, and suffer from occasional incontinence issues. I'm currently getting ready to return to school by the end of the year to pursue a...
  3. D

    Hello lovelies!!

    I forgot that introductions are a thing. So... hi. I used to be a part of this group before it became 18+ only. I've changed a lot since then! I'm in college studying to become a therapist and working part-time at a local bookstore/coffeeshop. I enjoy writing, playing piano, and doing crafts...
  4. Z

    Hi I'm Zen

    Hi I'm Zen I'm a student of art and programming. I enjoy being my self; that could mean running around with friends being crazy or just snuggled in a bed reading a good book. I'm new to posting here, I finally decided to try and interact more since it is what I've been meaning to do for a long...
  5. AwwwKatie

    Heya - Katie here :)

    I don't really know what to put...But i guess I'll just type and see what happens! I'm here to make new friends, express my opinion, have a laugh and everything in between! I'm a little but I don't have a little age and a lot of people say that's odd (I guess i just like to be regressed?) My...
  6. Alicetrn

    hi hi

    HI HI peoples my name is Alice it's nice to meet y'all. I'm 23 , transgender and live in Raleigh, NC. I'm hoping to make some new friends local and non local. Message me if you wana talk at all. >^.^<
  7. I

    guy from up north

    Hi, how is this great community ? Anyways I'm from Canada, wow what great weather we have right now. I'm new to the whole DL posting online Stuff. But I'm getting used to it. Outside of you know this life I work a good job and fly gliders as my hobbie. I'm able to fly longer with the diaper...
  8. D

    Hello everyone

    Hello, I am a technical professional with a college degree and a successful career who is looking to expand a network of friends in the diaper related world. I tend to be pretty quiet most of the time and finding this site a bit overbearing (the requirement to post or be called a lurker and...
  9. JellybeanBear

    Hello ^_^

    Errm...Hi! :) I have been looking around the site all day and found it rather frustrating not to be able to reply to forums or look at certain aspects of the site, so I decided to join up. (I will freely admit to using the 'cheat sheet' now as I have no idea what to say *blush* ;) ) Well I...
  10. LslilHinata

    Im new to the site and getting used to things...

    People call me Gwen =] ummm im kinda shy but I would like to learn more so if anybody would be kind enough to help me, I would really appreciate it. =]
  11. S

    Umm... Hi there

    I'm SouthPaw and I am quite the shy fella when it comes to first impressions:sweatdrop, but I will try to explain a bit about myself here, now. You may have noticed, but I'm also a furry and enjoy doing anthro/diaperfur art myself from time to time. (Thats all though, I don't really see myself...
  12. Anonimousdl


    hi I am a closet DL ,i havnt told anyone about it
  13. Pichu

    Hi everyone!

    Hey my name is Peter, I'm a TB but my parents don't know. I've never actually had some real nappies so I use makeshift, its not that good :( I wish I could be treated like a baby and have nappies, a bottle, etc. I'm 15 and love swimming. So hi guys.:biggrin:
  14. P

    Hi there

    Hi everybody, I'm Mike. I am a DL (though not an AB) and also a latex and lycra fetishist. In real life, I'm a computer systems administrator (:damnpc:) and enjoy bicycling, hiking, and other things outdoors. (Though the latex and diapers stay indoors :) ) Mike
  15. sparkywuff

    hello from illinois U.S.A!

    to start off with my name is david, pretty boring eh? i am a 16 year old TB and a neebie on this sight(obviously ^^) i would say i'm a furry but in a roleplay sense(i think that is what furries are essentaly, except furrycons whichb are awesome). regarding my interests outside of infintalism, i...
  16. D

    Hi to everyone!

    Hi All, I've been lurking on your site for a few weeks, and thought that I should come out of the background and introduce myself. I really enjoy the stories on this site; the writing quality is much better than some of the other *b/dl sites out there. I like to write, and though I haven't...