1. BrokeBoy


    Hi all this is my intro. Im am just getting into adult diapers. Main use is because of my injured foot restricting movements crutch/ wheelchair probably after my operation. Being comfortable at night was the most important thing for me without having to get up and put pressure on my foot. Seems...
  2. LittleMaryJane

    About Me

    Hello, I'm a 35 year old man and first time regressor. I live outside of Glasgow. I like to regress as a 3yr old Little Girl (LG) to help overcome my chronic anxiety. I love to make friends with like minded people.
  3. PaddedPupSpaceCadet

    Time to Say Hi~

    Heyo~ Sky here! I've been lurking for a LOOONG while now and am just starting to open up more about my ABDL/Little stuff online. So I figured it was finally time to say hi. lol I'm a mid-20s fur who has been in the fandom since the early 2010's and I discovered the ABDL community not too long...
  4. Orionblake

    Hi-De-Hi Fellow Campers!

    Hey I’m Orionblake, I work in retail (such fun 🙄) and a few years ago I discovered I’m a DL! I like photography and playing around on photoshop, I’m not really talented in any other creative things (even my drawings of stick-men look screwed up haha) I’m generally an open, loving, and accepting...
  5. ABDLAbs01


    Hi, nice to finally introduce myself. I’m a Fem-NB (she/they) DL and I’ve always had an interest in diapers for as long as I can remember. I enjoy the comfortability and convenience of diapers but I love the naughtier aspects as well lol. I’m lucky enough to have a very caring and supportive...
  6. olliver


    Hi i am me and only me. Who am i? I'm a boy from norway and my height is 175cm and muscular. I love going to the gym and to be home gaming on my pc. Interests I like video games, gym, diapers ofc and are willing to try other things. See you soon
  7. bzv8tr

    Hey all.

    Hey all, I’m excited to join this community as I’ve often been a guest, but never had the courage to join and actually participate. I’ve been a diaper lover for over 15 years, however, I’ve never truly embraced it until now. As some of you may have also experienced on your journey, I’ve been a...
  8. TheOneTrueDumple


    Hello everyone I am dumple she/her and I mainly am here just to lurk. I enjoy reading stories/fics and that is also a large part of why I am here. Aside from diapers and slight urinary incontinence I am very much into cars and automotive. I am a trade school student and a member of two racing...
  9. clasherskoonk

    My Introduction~

    Hi Guys! My names Skoonk (he/they), and im a skunk diaperfur hailing from Ireland!! Im so excited to be joining ADISC and hope to make friends with loads of really awesome people in the community! I love playing videogames, mtg, and wearing diapers (duh) and if anyone wants to chat id love to...
  10. Lupy

    Me being new

    Im just looking for friends or anyone to talk to im a noobie artist and I hope I wear a diaper soon but overall im kinda shy too see ya!
  11. Afadebolt

    Hello fellow ABDLs!

    Hello everyone! I'm Afadebolt (or just call me A) and I am a 27 year old lifelong DL and getting more and more comfortable with my AB side and looking to expand and explore it. I'm genderfluid / non-binary (can't seem to make up my mind!) and go by He/They pronouns, but not too worried if...
  12. Tazzie

    Hi! Wanna chat?

    Hi! Im tazzie, im an energetic and friendly little who is excited to make friends with people who also love regression. I enjoy all aspects of regression really. I also love cooking, video games, hanging with friends and love car rides. Id love to chat with others and get to know more about them...
  13. GreasyGears

    Trainer GreasyGears wants to say hi!

    Hi. I've been a long time ABDL lurker on this and other forums. Until February of this year, I wasn't involved much in ABDL communities. I've since joined many Discord servers and made accounts for some sites and forums. I'm just happy to be here and talk with people like all of you. I've been...
  14. WittleDiaperBoi


    Hello Everyone! My name is Tommy and I’m a 22 year old ABDL from Michigan who has been in the community since I turned 18. I’m Bisexual and consider myself to be a switch who leans little most of the time and while I adore my padding and all the wonders of little space I have plenty of big kid...
  15. babyrose111


    i saw someone make an introduction post and wanted to do it myself! i’m in my early 20s living in england, and when i regress i usually am 5 and under. i’m pretty new to this, so i haven’t been able to try much yet, but i love using my paci and cuddling my stuffie 😇 i want to start using...
  16. MaskedHopper

    Howdy fellas!

    Howdy! I figured it's about time for me to come out of my lurking shell. Haven't lurked much around here, mostly on Twitter. I have made some posts there and on the reddit a few years back but things happen with anxiety and I dropped off into lurking again. Now I'm actually working properly...
  17. alxl


    Hello my name is alxl and I wanted to see how this community is hope to meet u all and be good friends.
  18. sissygirlalexa

    New Diaper Girl Here

    Hello! My name is Alexa, and I'm a big fan of everything cute and colorful. I love My Little Pony and Disney Princesses. They just bring so much joy and comfort to my life. I often find comfort in wearing cute girly clothes, they make me feel free and true to myself. Outside of that world, I'm...
  19. Paddedtyranowolf

    My little intro!

    Hello! You can call me Kai or my username that works too, I am an ABDl mainly the DL but I also age regress due to childhood trauma [which I wont get into duh] Ive seen this website multiple times and I regularly read through it, I was nervous on making a account because idk what if I'm not good...
  20. HeavenSent

    Newbie hoping to make friends

    Dipping my toes in publicly took a lot for me, but here I am and so far I am happy I did. I am hoping to make new friends and explore a side of me that has long wanted to come out but was too afraid of judgement. I owe my new found confidence to an amazing guy that I appreciate and feel so...