1. August08


    Hi! I’m August, I’m from California, staying in Ohio for a while. I’m trans FtM and a furry! I’ve been into AB for a few years on and off in private, and been borderline DL for longer. Since I was young, I’ve always had a little headspace id slip into without realizing it (By young i mean old...
  2. C

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hello everyone, as it may seems obvious, I'm new here, you all can call me JumJum, I'm going to be honest, I was a lurker here before joining, I'm not an AB/DL, incotinent or anything related, so, that's why I didn't join before, but I'm a very supportive and open minded person, I didn't know...
  3. BabyWolfie1313

    Hello ADISC, and all its members. :)

    Hello ADISC, I'm BabyWolfie1313((feel free to call me Chris)) I am shy, and not really good at talking about my self but ill try my best. I discovered ADISC due to searching out for others like me. you know the AB/TB/DL/ ect side of things. something that I have been trying to learn more...
  4. S

    I've been debating this for a while

    Hello, I am Secretsofthenite ( lol get it like goodnite ;) ) I have lurked on and off this website for years. I have always been interested in diapers, not AB just DL, since I could remember. I've acted on these urges in the past. Once being asked by a family friend who wore goodnites for bed...
  5. O

    Hey everyone! Good to not be alone.

    Hey everyone! I've been looking for a good forum for AB/DL things and I'm hoping this one works out well. I'd love to meet other guys and girls who share this fetish and love of mine.
  6. babyemery


    uh...hi um so im a little shy but once i get comfortble i open up. despite having pretty horrible social anxiety i hope to one day be a fashion stylist. ive always been abit horse crazy and would love to have a motorcycle one day. errm.. i dont know my full intrest in nappies(diapers)but im a...
  7. SkyFlow14

    Hello Everyone!!! :D

    OK, where to start... Well, I have two characters I play as. Sky, an arctic wolf and Neigh, a pony from the MLP universe. Since I talk a bit about them on my profile, here's a bit more detailed post. Sky is twelve and he lives with his dad. He has a little brother who is a few years younger...
  8. Descolada

    Oh No... This Guy Again?!

    Heya folks, it's me, Desco! For those of you with whom I'm unfamiliar, aloha! I've never been all that great with writing bios/intros, but if you have an inclination to get to know me better, feel free to drop me a line sometime! Those of you who remember me may have noticed I haven't been...
  9. J

    Intro! lurker for some time.

    Hey all! I'm not exactly new to ADISC I just never really got around to making my intro, and was pretty self conscious I guess about posting something. I guess I'm over that now haha. Well here goes I guess. I'm 21, in college at Illinois State University studying Accounting/Finance. I've...
  10. K


    Hi all, I'm fairly new to the scene, and so is my girlfriend. I signed up to connect with others, get more involved with the scene, attend events, and learn tips from others. My biggest passion is photography and filmmaking, especially shooting live concert, dark surrealism, and poetic...
  11. L

    Hi everyone! I'm new:)

    Hi! I'm LolitaBunny. I've seen this website and browsed it a bit and it keeps popping up, so I decided to be brave enough to sign up. Not so sure why I was nervous but anyway, on to more important things! So, though I'm here, I actually don't like diapers. To each, his own, you know? Just not my...
  12. P

    Hello Everyone

    Hi guys, my name's Dave. I'm a lifelong DL, and frequent lurker on this website, who's finally decided to introduce myself to everyone. I'm really pretty shy and introverted, so social interactions (even digital ones) just aren't my thing. However, over the past year my life has been changing...
  13. OdaWolf

    Arkansas AB/DL/Furry

    Heya everyone. As of right now I'm 26 and a AB, DL, baby/diaperfur, and generally fun loving guy. I like playing online games, chatting with others about whatever pops into our heads, bicycling around my town, and other general exercising. I try to be literate and kind when chatting online with...
  14. D

    Hello all!

    First time posting here, apparently I've become a lurker.. Anyway, I wear diapers when I have some. I have only tried huggies drynites pyjamapants, they are ok. Still living with my parents and I study in high school and I follow hockey. And I don't know what else to add..
  15. Sheogroth


    well guess since i became a lurker now is good time as any to introduce myself i am a shy kinda guy around any forum(dont like talking much online or in RL) as it can be told by the fact im here :P i have an interest in diapers i like the elder scrolls series (morrowind,oblivion,now skyrim) i...
  16. BabyChris

    Hi, Im new to adisc.(Hope I'm doing this right.)

    Hi, Im chris. I'm shy, quiet, and mysterious; at lest most people say so anyway. I love to listen to music, and talk with friends. I have dyslexia, so sorry if I mix up words and stuff. yes spell check helps with my spelling(yay, lol good thing too). But I still mix stuff up with out knowing...
  17. R

    Hiya, Internet peoples!

    -looks into my screen- hellos? Anyone there???? Well I'm Ryamaia:sweatdrop: you can call me Rya, Rya Rya, or Ryamaia Edason Wong Remus the XIX. :smile1: -blushs- ok that aside -grabs my blankie and hides my face with it- All better... It's good to meet all of you even though I can't see you...
  18. B

    Introducing ME!! Blondboy!!

    Hi Everyone!! I am Blondboy and I live in Toronto which is in Canada and am a little kid who loves having fun!! I am blond and a boy and that's why I'm called Blondboy on here! A few things about me is some of my favorite things to do are to go to or be in theatre, go swimming, hiking, riding...
  19. N

    Glad I found this site, hello all!

    Just a WestCoast DiaperFur here. Was surfing for sites to socialize on and found this one. I am recently married to my awesome wife, who knows about and supports my diapered lifestyle. We live on the Coast and Love playing WoW, MineCraft, and sometime EVE or Alpha Centauri. Oh, and my fursona...
  20. N

    about me and more

    *what i like* i love trains tottaly stuck on them lol i love red and black never appart tho it has to be together for best effect i love my epic cool ipod and its apps infact i am a upsessed bargon app hunter *important plz take much note as possible effects how i interact w/ pp and how they...