1. L

    Hope it’s ok

    I’ve been putting this off for as long as possible because I’m not good at these kind of things so I’m glad that there is a helping guide. So here it goes I guess. I am a very quiet person usually the person at the back of the room that doesn’t talk a lot but I like that it’s easier for me...
  2. womble

    A Simple Introduction!

    Hey! I’m Kai, and I’ve been part of the ABDL community for going in 10 years. I’m a generally happy guy, nerd, skater and TTRPG fanatic! I’m more so a DL, and from other profile picture you can already tell I also belong to the Diaperfur club. If you wanted to know any more let me know and il...
  3. S

    HEY EVERYONE:) new here

    Hey I’m 18m from the Uk. I’m into abdl and very much a Diaper lover! I am very much a switch! I love being a caregiver and babying, but also love to be diapered and being looked after !! Anyways I’m new to this community, and would love to meet new people here who I can be friends with and...
  4. K

    New here

    Hello I have been looking at this forum for years, and have now made an account here. I have always been into diapers, and am a male from Denmark.
  5. keepitonDL

    Looking for people who get it

    My whole life I fought with this side of me. I’ve used this site for as long as I could remember. I never signed up cause I was too afraid to get caught if someone took my phone But here we are, all signed up :3 Being diapered is when is when I feel the most beautiful, and I’d say humbled...
  6. SpacecatAbc


    Hello everyone it's nice to be here!. I've been an on and off dl for many years now and I've finally hit a point in my life where diapers are a daily necessity. I was a regressor long before this came up and so now I kinda combined them together, at first I only wore them when I had to but...
  7. A

    Well... hello there

    They said I should introduce myself then here we go, I'm not into wearing stuff but I like seeing others in it
  8. butterbabyj

    New here

    Hello to anyone who stumbles upon this. I’m very interested in meeting new people and having friends that are actually involved in this kind of stuff. A goal for the future is to eventually find a partner, however that’s for the future. I’d like to discuss the trauma I’ve been through regarding...
  9. bsmith

    New member

    I have loved wearing and using diapers for as long as I can remember, but I have never told anyone before. I am so tired of keeping it a secret!!
  10. August08


    Hi! I’m August, I’m from California, staying in Ohio for a while. I’m trans FtM and a furry! I’ve been into AB for a few years on and off in private, and been borderline DL for longer. Since I was young, I’ve always had a little headspace id slip into without realizing it (By young i mean old...
  11. C

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hello everyone, as it may seems obvious, I'm new here, you all can call me JumJum, I'm going to be honest, I was a lurker here before joining, I'm not an AB/DL, incotinent or anything related, so, that's why I didn't join before, but I'm a very supportive and open minded person, I didn't know...
  12. BabyWolfie1313

    Hello ADISC, and all its members. :)

    Hello ADISC, I'm BabyWolfie1313((feel free to call me Chris)) I am shy, and not really good at talking about my self but ill try my best. I discovered ADISC due to searching out for others like me. you know the AB/TB/DL/ ect side of things. something that I have been trying to learn more...
  13. S

    I've been debating this for a while

    Hello, I am Secretsofthenite ( lol get it like goodnite ;) ) I have lurked on and off this website for years. I have always been interested in diapers, not AB just DL, since I could remember. I've acted on these urges in the past. Once being asked by a family friend who wore goodnites for bed...
  14. O

    Hey everyone! Good to not be alone.

    Hey everyone! I've been looking for a good forum for AB/DL things and I'm hoping this one works out well. I'd love to meet other guys and girls who share this fetish and love of mine.
  15. babyemery


    uh...hi um so im a little shy but once i get comfortble i open up. despite having pretty horrible social anxiety i hope to one day be a fashion stylist. ive always been abit horse crazy and would love to have a motorcycle one day. errm.. i dont know my full intrest in nappies(diapers)but im a...