intro dl

  1. D

    Hello there!!!!

    Hey there! DB here! I'm a DL, with a *bit* of AB side sometimes... I like Video games, art, and just overall laziness! XD When I do get in my AB side, I AP as about 7-8 YO boy, who is just a *little* too babied by others... Due to his childish behavior. Which is kind of reflective of my own...
  2. thecomputingstudent

    Introduction :)

    Hi Everyone, this is the first time I've joined a forum about the little hobby I'm learning about, so I'm a little shy at the moment. I'm sure there is allot you might want to know about me so I'll do my best to share everything that I think is appropriate and I look forward to starting to...
  3. S


    hello, I am 23 years old and I have been into diapers for about 15 years. I have yet to personally meet anyone else who shares this interest with me. I live in Northern IL on the border of Iowa.
  4. Blacksmith

    greeting from blacksmith

    hi to all on adisc, I have posted a couple of times so i think it's time to introduce myself 1) Hello! Who are you? I have graduated from home school, and them whent in to work at a meat prossesing plant on the kill floor (sorry to the vegetarians) and enjoyed it, I now work at a company that...
  5. GoodniteTeen

    Wanting to learn more about the Furrie community.

    So as you can already tell, I'm new. I'm a DL, and already know enough about it. I don't understand the furry community very well though. Could someone reply with a personal statement about what it's mainly about and how it relates to the DL community? I'm just curious. :P
  6. S

    my intro thread

    hello i am sixteen and im not realy sure what to put I am currently in highschool taking collage classes for game designing and management I play games alot i have an xbox account pm me for gamertag if u wanna play one day i plan to work for Infinity Ward obviously im a dl Not sure what...