1. S

    People searching up ABDL after finding out

    When I think of someone finding out about the whole idea of ABDL, one of the first things to come to mind is what they might find on the internet as an outsider looking up things like "ABDL" or "Older people liking diapers" in an attempt to better understand what they may have just found out...

    AB DL safety

    the is for all who is a part of AB DL community we all need to be aware of people who are under age that want to Role play taught it may be fun you need to be sure how young is too young because things can go down hill very quick if your not caution espicaly over the internet there are people...
  3. draculaura

    favorite youtube channels

    So I've been watching a lot of iDubbbzTV and Vinesauce lately, moreso than usual, and I've been having a hell of a time. List off your favorite Youtube channels here!!! (if you are going to post Pewdiepie or Markiplier, you automatically lose) Mine are: Jontron h3h3productions Vinesauce - Joel...
  4. Premetheus

    Internet... to be or not to be, that is the question

    I should have internet again on the 12th of this month. I'm posting this at a friend's place. I really like the site and am anxious to be able to visit it daily or at least every other day. I can post from my phone, but it is kind of inconvient. While I have access to the internet is there...
  5. Sitherus

    robots rule the world!

    Have you guys ever run into that girl that sends you messages online posing to be a real girl? Well, i just had that happen to me and almost fell for it. I thought it would be a funny thing to post my conversation here making sure to bleep out any unnecessary information. So i present my trip...
  6. Sitherus

    Im super scared

    I was just browsing the internet just now and looking through abdl picture sites i went to one of those Picture sites that lead you to other picture sites i kept clicking through until i accidentally found a cp site as soon as i tried to exit it it sent me to a random set of numbers and...
  7. ScienceGeek

    For the older Guys and Gals

    For the older Guys and Gals I have been following the ABDL community for longer than I care to mention, long before the Internet and World Wide Web came into being. The young Guys have it easy, (by comparison) they just log onto the internet, do a google search and they find a wealth of...
  8. SillySwampert

    Let me tell you about...

    Ok, I think most of us who have been around the Internet long enough know how that sentence finishes. Homestuck: one of the biggest and loudest fandoms to have EVER graced the Internet, and still remains as one of the most confusing of topics. During my time away from the site, I have found...
  9. Rocky

    Oh crap! That was awkward...

    OK... so I was in my dorm room with two of my friends tonight because we had nothing better to do. After watching two movies, I was just playing youtube videos off my laptop onto my TV. I was using the extended monitor mode so I could find videos while the current one played full-screen on the...
  10. Jossilyn

    Does anyone know the name of this game?

    I used to have HP Games on my computer but I got bored of only playing the demos and uninstalled it. Recently, I've been thinking about I demo I played and you had a little baby and the more you played with it and bought it toys, it would level up and in a sence grow up. (At first my baby laid...
  11. A

    Are you IPv6 ready?

    Hey guys, have you heard about IPv6 day? It was yesterday I think. Anyways in case you didn't know, your IP is like your address for getting online. The Earth currently uses IPv4, but we're out of addresses for everyone, so there's IPv6, but not everyone has that. Do you have it? Are you ready...
  12. A

    Hello there.

    Hello to all out there, This is my first time posting something here so here it goes. I'm a 22 year old ab who has always wondered if there were others out there like myself who were into diapers. Fortunately a little thing called the internet made that possible. I found out about ab/dl's...
  13. Wegs

    Can't Connect to Xbox Live

    I've been having this problem for a while, and I need some help. I'm unable to connect to Xbox Live. I have a wireless PC with a fast internet connection, which is connected to my Xbox 360 through an ethernet cable. The connection is password protected, which I think is the problem, but I'm not...
  14. betagame

    Household Hacker

    HouseholdHacker's Website I want to know who knows about Household Hacker and who done the experiments. Post your knowledge here.
  15. tom

    Using a wireless internet service

    Hi. I'm going away soon for a holiday, and hope to use the hotels wireless internet connection to keep checking on here. Will the hotel/other users of the connection be able to find out that I have been on this site? Thanks
  16. betagame

    anyone here plays Second Life [online game]|Teen Grid|

    I have a second life account on TG, but i dont have the video card drivers installed:damnpc::damnpc::( onmy piece of shit computer. so i cant play for now i havent been on for 3 years. neone else play that is on ADISC. sign up here/what is second life :cool:
  17. D

    Internet speeds

    hi. i was wondering what is everyones internet speeds. visit and post your speed this is mine EDIT:soz didnt reasise that there was another thread like this,lol plz mods delete this thread.