internet connection

  1. Dude84

    How fast is your internet connection?

    This is somewhat random (for me) but i've just been involved in a chat with a friend of mine (we normally discuss lots of random and unrelated stuff, have since we met each other 8 years ago) and the subject of internet connections came up, the speed of them... So, I ran mine through Speed...
  2. PuddleFopsKit

    Someone PLEASE explain what the deal is!

    Ok, just got my broadband connection, and am having a new issues: 1.) Most videos still takes way too long to load. Youtube is a freakin nightmare, even a tiny 30 second video proves to be too much. I spend more time waiting for it to load then I actually watch. 2.)I can't watch downloaded...
  3. ShippoFox

    internet speed issue?

    Okay, I think there's something not right here.... 768 Kbps downstream/128 Kbps upstream is my connection. When I download things, I rarely ever get 100kb/s. It's usually a bit slower than that. Is something messed up? Also, it costs about $40/month (in US dollars). Is that a ripoff?