1. RzHeck

    Hobbies and intrests

    Hey I'm curious as to what some of the community members do in their spare time, besides the obvious. For example I'm a rock climber I started the beginning of this year but I freaking love it. Is there anyone else who's a avid climber. Or do you have another hobby that you absolutely in love with?
  2. hime

    Am I a Little???

    So, I'm fairly new to all this and I'm not sure what to classify myself as. I already know I'm a DL, but I was curious about littles. I know I've always preferred childish things. I almost only watch movies and shows rated PG and under, whenever I go to a store I spend my time in the toy aisle...
  3. stringsplash

    Hi! Greetings and Introductions and all that jazz

    Hey all! Greetings. I'm here not for as much support as I am to learn about all these different topics and find others who have similar interests, diapers or other interests. Speaking of, I have a wide variety of interests: Sports, to music, to different subjects in school, to different...
  4. Mukksa

    How I got interested in diapers

    I'm not currently in diapers but I hope to be in them soon because I'm interested and here's how I got interested. I was on youtube once (like always) Watching gaming videos when I challenged myself to go intot he deep end of youtube without and floaties (see what i did there?). Anyways, I...
  5. LuxuryOfInfancy

    A little bit about me :)

    First off, (I'm sure you get this a lot) I commend the moderators for the tutorial stickies, very informative, thanks! :clap: O.k, so some info about me.. I have a great love of many things in life, primarily music (I play keyboard/synth, not well, mind you, but I try :blushie:) , movies and...
  6. TeddyBearCowboy

    Help Requested - AB/TB/DL's Who are we and what do we like (besides diapers)?

    :detective3 Besides the obvious question that some of us asked before finding ADISC, "Does anyone else like diapers besides me?", I am guessing that there are a lot of members who may wonder "How many other ab/tb/dl's are like me or have the same types of "non-diaper" interests as me?" :chin...