1. Sitherus

    Can not stay away from diapers

    I Often go between my diaper fetish and my many other fetishes, I don't stay on diapers for more than a week before losing interest and moving on but always come back. Today I was searching for custom 7x17 monitors for my car and the first result is adult liners...
  2. B

    Hey! Hoping to get a better understanding :)

    Hi guys, I'm a broadcast journalism student and have recently found out about the AB and DL fetishes (sorry not sure you'd even call it as that or rather an interest- I'm new!). I find it really interesting and would love to write an article for uni on it. I joined this forum to try and gain a...
  3. Romans58

    Spotting an AB/DL

    I'm on a mission to use Holmesian deduction to find other DL's. As easy as it would be to try to find a local DL online (which actually isn't always that easy) I personally would prefer to meet/find another DL in person. I did an extremely simple and unprofessional survey (I went "facebook...
  4. Kid

    Interest in Diapers - Kid Baby / Teen Baby / Adult Baby

    What exactly does it mean to you? (as far as your label on this site) When I first joined the site at the start of Winter Break last year I clicked the box - teen baby, as my interest in diapers had begun as a kid (and I still am pretty much a kid as far as real life responsibilities are...