1. Premetheus

    What are you supposed to do when...

    When you feel restless? When you can't get to sleep and you've exausted all your options and eliminated causes of sleeplessness such as not drinking caffine, not playing media of any kind before bed, and even going so far as to use a natural or chemical sleep aid? Sometimes I think that the true...
  2. LaLoneDigi

    Found A Good Bedtime Story Video - Youtube link

    Comforting Bedtime Story *For Sleepy Time* Comforting Bedtime Story *For Sleepy Time* - YouTube I fell asleep listening to this last night. It's very soothing and relaxing. I really loved it.
  3. ibeadorkable

    ABDL Mommy Phone/Chat Line

    Hi, I am a female and am having a hard time finding an agency that will take "someone like me." Meaning that I am female (the lady replied when I asked what she meant). I was just looking for a mommy or nanny to talk to/put me to bed. Another place I called said they couldn't provide services to...
  4. betagame

    I can't sleep!!!

    It is after 2:00 AM Pacific Time. I am almost about to give up on sleeping. I had a long day shopping and after we came home I ate a lot of the Jelly Bellys and soda, some Sun Chips and most of the free samples at Costco. All I had for caffeine is two bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino...