1. P

    Random Facts that you find interesting

    I like finding bits of random facts and things, I'm wondering what kinds of things everyone else out there find. Post something that you have looked up or researched and thought was interesting or funny, include meme's gifs, pics, whatever. ran into this bit of info today never really thought...
  2. Angellothefox

    How to find your posts/replies and comments on ADISC

    This is for anyone and everyone and everything that do not want adisc emailing them and telling them they have a new reply. If you have clicked you would like to resive notifications when people have posted well done. You do not need to read this tutorial:thumbsup: This is for the adisc users...
  3. MamatoLbP


    Greetings, and hello to everybody out there in adisc land. My name is Mama Row, I have a beautiful little boy that I call my LbP. I am currently 31 years old. We are both relatively new to the adult baby/Mama life. My beautiful little boy has trusted me and only ever me to know and be a part...
  4. BayB8

    Any good books to learn about ABDL lifestyle?

    Hey guys, I was reading some posts yesterday and came across people talking about the book "there is a baby in my bed" by Rosalie bent, but from what I've read, people think its biased or they don't think it's that good. Is it worth reading and or is there any other good books that help people...
  5. MellowYellow

    I want to start peeing in my diaper while I sleep :D

    Would really be helpful if anyone had any information that I could use to achieve this. I'm afraid of hypno-files (like "Warpmymind") they claim to be curses (the majority) that the people who are then cursed have to pay for the removal of the curse, sounds like some serious shit, I don't want...
  6. B

    Hey! Hoping to get a better understanding :)

    Hi guys, I'm a broadcast journalism student and have recently found out about the AB and DL fetishes (sorry not sure you'd even call it as that or rather an interest- I'm new!). I find it really interesting and would love to write an article for uni on it. I joined this forum to try and gain a...
  7. D


    Greetings from Ohio! I guess I'll do a quick intro. My name is Matt and I'm a teen from Ohio. I enjoy thriller movies and recently saw Shutter Island. I also enjoy music, predominately metal and EBM / Aggrotech. Thanks, and have a nice day. :)
  8. Pramrider

    Newsletter Kudos

    Was just looking over the December ADISC Newsletter a few moments ago. I can tell a lot of hard work was put into it to make it interesting, and not just a page of dry information. I think the whole ADISC staff involved with putting it together deserves a BIG round of applause!:claps: Excellent...
  9. Rene

    READ THIS ASAP!!!! 12:21amcst 6/29/08

    ok there are 56 users on atm and 40 visitors, someone get on chat!!!!!!!!!!! we need to bring back that chat box cuz it feels so dead here without it
  10. Serendiapity

    A collection of information concerning incontinence.

    I have looked around the internet in hopes of piecing together some information about incontinence, in all its forms. The purpose of this thread is to educate those concerned about whether they have incontinence, I've seen a lot of threads asking if X condition is a form of incontinence. (I...