1. D

    Urinary infection from bedwetting? (in diapers)

    Hi. I was wondering could I have some sort of infection or irritation in my pernis (lol). I wear diapers to bed due to bedwetting caused by back injury. I have started to randomly feel a slight sense of "burning", which is still kind of an overstatement. Could something like this be caused by...
  2. Musician147

    SAP getting into urethra?

    Yet another one of those awkward-visit-to-the-doctor scenarios you want to aviod: I was masturbating in my diaper, (Abema M4) and I thought- every time I choose to use a diaper to full capacity and then masturbate, some sap beads break free from the pulp. So- What are the chances of one of...
  3. H

    Urinary Tract Infections

    Hey guys, I'll mess about maybe once or twice a month and when I do, often I'll find when I'm changing that there's fecal matter on my genitals, even on the pee hole. Is this cause for alarm of a UTI? There's a lot of germs in feces, so how do those of you who do mess deal with this issue and...