1. WishfulJirachi

    A fun question for those who are incontinent

    You come across a person who says they are able to cure you of your incontinence, but at the cost of your not being able to wear diapers or anything of the sorts ever again. Would you take up this offer? Why or why not?
  2. Jdp

    Anyone else have issues with Tykable diapers?

    I tried the PLeather diapers Tykables had, and they were just ok. I had problems with leaks and the tapes breaking every once in a while when I put them on. I haven't tried anything else until now and ordered a trial of Waddlers and Builders. I had the same issues as before with leaking and...
  3. pottypal

    diapers are my lifestyle

    after being eviscerated i realized i had to pad up, or pee all over the furniture and car as i could no longer tell when i needed to go. i was unhappy about it for a couple of days until i realized that a really good quality adult diaper made me very happy. wearing them has been a joy, and...
  4. F

    Just saying hi!

    Hello everyone! My name is Felix. I just wanted to introduce myself, and perhaps create a great first impression into this wonderful community! I figure I had might as well describe myself a little bit, and take this opportunity to get to know some new people. I am currently 20 years old...
  5. M

    Wanting to be diapered in a hospital

    So this is probably a dumb question but I'm only asking to those who've had experience like this. So in December of 2017 I'm going to have surgery & be put to sleep to remove a cyst, but to those who are incontinent or not I have a question out of curiosity. If you were incontinent or not...
  6. B

    Hello everyone

    Hi all! I have been a lurker for a while now. I am incontinent and a DL. I have been involved in groups on fetlife, but haven't really gone much outside of that. I came here to meet more people, get and give advise, and expand my knowledge of the community. I only recently even found out about...
  7. U

    Incontinence and sport

    I consider myself to be a pretty fit and active guy, i surf, swim, mountain bike, go to the gym and play rugby. As someone who's also incontinent though there is always another dimension to any activity that I have to contend with - is my diaper or incontinence going to get in the way or...
  8. U

    Hello from a London lad

    Hi there After having been a reader of this forum for a few months now i decided to take the plunge and join. About me - I'm a sporty, active guy from London, UK and i wear a nappy 24/7. And why I'm here - I have ADHD and have always had bedwetting problems which ha resulted in me pretty...
  9. M

    Hello all

    My name is Mackenzie (I go by Mac). I am fully bladder and mostly bowel incontinent. This is due to weak muscles and a weak sphincter from birth. I also have been diagnosed with IBS although I can eat a certain diet to better control my messes. I do wear adult diapers (no cath since I'm active...
  10. memaymymoemoo

    Incontinent Newby from USA

    Hi, my name is memaymymoemoo. In my spare time, I like to write, read, and swim. I am a child care provider by trade. I'm incontinent due to wheelchair use and congenital physical disability. I came seeking info on the most absorbent cloth reusable pull-up diapers possible. I also am looking...
  11. Psynapse

    Wearing 24/7, a Guide by Psynapse

    Adisc: I have been writing this for about 3 months. Today I believe it is finished. I'm sorry if it is too long, I wasn't sure where to post it, I thought the Diaper talk section was most fitting but if it has to get deleted I understand. TL;DR - Wear Diapers 24/7, Don't Mess In Public...
  12. crowza

    I told my friend and learned she also is incontinent.

    I have a good friend who always posts on Facebook about crohn's disease and advocates for those dealing with it, this friend also has crohn's. I decided to message her and tell how how great of posts and information she is posting and how I love learning about conditions and how I empathize...
  13. D

    The Diaper Dynamo

    Hello Everyone! My name is Marc. Some of you may already know me as The Diaper Dynamo from YouTube. I thought it was about time I joined this community and took a peak at what it's all about. I've read the posts here and there while doing research for years but have never actively participated...
  14. Jessi

    Greetings from Kentucky

    I guess I'll give y'all the extended intro. Forgive the "y'all", by the way. Have I mentioned I'm from Kentucky? I'm 25 and I'm from Kentucky. I've been interested in diapers for a long time, ever since I was a kid after I was potty-trained. However, I was diagnosed with ulcerative collitis...