incontinent desires

  1. C


    Hello! My name is Chris and I am a happily married ABDL living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I hope to make friends and to meet people, but I am happy with my Mamacita and so am only looking for friendship. For a little about me, I am a graduate student working on a PhD. My wife and I love to travel...
  2. WearingClouds

    6. Respect The Law, Respect Yourself

    [Removed] I don't see [inducing incontinence by wearing 24/7] as promoting self harm however. I'm sure this has been talked about many times on here, but here are my thoughts. I am not IC but would like to be. I feel an emotional need to accomplish this as do many other people; some of whom...
  3. MrKittyKat

    Incontinence; to be, or to not to be

    Now we all know that many post have been made in the past about people wanting to become incontinent 24/7 and what not, and many people who are incontinent posting that they really wouldn't want to be incontinent. However, the more times I see a post like that, the more get the urge to ask this...
  4. PCBaby

    why do non incontinent people want to be

    Hi All, I am trying to understand the thought process, or desire to be incontinent when you are not. I am IC, so laying down it's more of adribble, sitting or standing I flood. Given the huge difference it makes to your life, especially initially, why would anyone choose to be IC?