1. EcoIncon

    Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

    I see tons of information on washing cloth diapers and I'm sure we all have our own routines. Mine comes from about 10 years now of using cloth diapers the majority of the time and having a high efficiency washer. Here are my tricks but I am sure there are things I don't know about. Pre...
  2. pugglesmuggles

    "Trusting" your Diapers

    Hello- I just wanted to know if anyone else has gone through this little psychological development. My b/s: I'm male/31, mostly UIC, and wear diapers 24/7 to manage it, and I've been this way for about 3 years since starting to lose bladder control over that time. I also went through several...
  3. pugglesmuggles

    Telling a Friend You Wear a Diaper- Experiences?

    I am curious what people's experiences have been who have decided to tell a close friend about their IC issues, and as an extension on that.... that you wear a diaper. I'll share two of my experiences, but for starters, I am nearly totally UIC and wear diapers 24/7, and have been this way for...
  4. InControlRohan

    Hello Hello!

    Hello everyone! My name is Rohan (easier to remember if you’ve watched LOTR), and I am part of InControl Diapers. While I am familiar with the community on this platform, I would love to learn more about people dealing with incontinence and share all my knowledge about it as well. You might even...
  5. Incon97

    Just introducing myself 😊

    Hi! Just thought I’d break the silence as I’m new here and really does make me feel at home more seeing/speaking with other people who suffer from the same issues so thanks to anyone who as been brave enough to post😊. In a weird way it’s nice to relate to people & not feel so alone from issues...
  6. pugglesmuggles

    "Diaper" vs. "ADULT Diaper"

    Sorry to be a wordsmith about it, but I am just curious if, in your regular everyday conversations in-person or virtually (at least, when the topic comes up...), you refer to your diapers as just "diapers," or specifically "adult diapers," including the modifier? Or maybe for some people it's...
  7. pugglesmuggles

    How many diapers do you usually carry around with you?

    I'm just wondering how many extra diapers do you all with 24/7 UIC or similar conditions carry around with you in your backpack, briefcase, drawstring bag, etc.? I've been totally UIC for about 3 years now and I still feel like I "overpack" even for just a normal routine work day- to the office...
  8. pugglesmuggles

    For incontinence, what has been your airport, air travel, and TSA experiences?

    Hello, new here- but I wanted to ask this question: what has been your airport, air travel, and TSA experiences? For me, I fly periodically for work and am urinary incontinent. I wear diapers 24/7 for it. So I usually pack a few extra diapers and supplies in a carry-on backpack while I check a...
  9. S

    Hi from PL

    HI everyone, I'm from Poland. I'm registered on Adisc since few years ago but now I would like meet some users from other countries. Moreover I'm DL and wear diapers since I remember. I'm also incontinent (I leak after peeing - droplets incontinence) Always I wear insert pads for Men. At night...
  10. bmans123

    Sudden Frequent Bed Wetting

    So about a week ago I made the conscious decision to wear diapers for quality of life reasons. I have a very weak pelvic floor and have high urgency when needing to wet and mess. What confuses me about this situation was after one night with a diaper on, I have wet the bed every night since with...
  11. bmans123

    Losing Control

    In the past year I have gone from having slightly less than usual bladder control to having the need to use the restroom every 20-30 minutes and waking up 3-4 times a night. I frequently show signs of stress incontinence (motion related involuntary leak) and also have had occasional bedwetting...
  12. PastelPadding

    1 hour pee cycle

    Hello! I have to take medications that have me peeing every hour or so. At night, this gets frustrating because of having to get up to go to the restroom 3 or 4 times a night. I've been resisting actually using diapers because I think that I could become dependent on them and I don't yet know...
  13. jakediapybum

    Best ways to deal with Diaper Rash

    Hi guys! I am completely 24/7 in diapers due to incontinence. Recently my skin has been extra angry and sensitive. I used desitin 24/7 for years and have also tried Boudreaux’s butt paste A&D, Mustela, Coconut oil and triple paste. I have also struggled with the occasional candida rash which I...
  14. cantwait

    Telling your employer

    For those who are working have you told your HR department about your issues with incontinence?
  15. cantwait

    Flying with diapers

    I was recently flying with diapers in my carry-on, bag and was flagged at TSA security. The agent that checked my bag was respectful, but they still pulled my diapers out in front of everybody at the security screening checkpoint. I recently got TSA pre-check and this has not been a problem. I...
  16. Tasmaniandevilpadded

    Do you drinks a water?

    Past I drank 20 fl oz bottle of Aquafina purifier water from my job. I wondered the water taste good and clean after one hour feeling like pee a lots. Another hour pee again because of my blood pressure to keep lowering before my blood pressure was high at few month ago. Because due my kidneys...
  17. virginiadiaper

    Cold weather making incontinence worse

    Who else seems to feel that the incontinence is worse during this cold weather? I could at least go every 1-1.5 hours in the summer and now I’m back to leaking or having urge incontinence every 30 minutes. I was able to use pull-ups some during the summer, but I think it’ll have to be diapers...
  18. aligator

    Use for a diaper for convenience

    Now there is a war in my country. Electricity is often turned off. And there is a lot of time to think. And I wondered. Will I use diapers for comfort after I heal my hyper active blader? And my answer was that it must be so because there are cases when it is really convenient. For example, long...
  19. LittleAlex08

    Diapers In Hospital

    I have a hospital stay coming up, and also have bowel incontinence on my medical records. How would they deal with this? Would I be wearing a diaper or would there be other things in place? I am in the UK by the way. Thanks, Alex :)
  20. J

    IC and bedwetting development

    So IC pretty much started to destroy both my life and marriage. Controlling how I spent time with wife and kids, stopped going away from home or office, and became not a very fun person to be with, sometimes mean and horrible. Honestly, I became so extremely good to cover this from my wife that...