1. J

    IC and bedwetting development

    So IC pretty much started to destroy both my life and marriage. Controlling how I spent time with wife and kids, stopped going away from home or office, and became not a very fun person to be with, sometimes mean and horrible. Honestly, I became so extremely good to cover this from my wife that...
  2. LittleAlex08

    Diaper Types

    I suffer from bowel incontinence meaning I have to wear pull-ups. I still live with my mom and she provides me with diapers. I am not a fan of the pull-up style because I always have blowouts. My mom always buys pull-ups (unsure why) but I would much rather wear tapes for more security. How do I...
  3. B

    The Changing School (Chapter 1)

    Hi everyone! Please enjoy my first ever diaper story. I've been a lurker for years and finally decided to put some of my own personal fantasies down on paper. Hoping to write another chapter soon. Enjoy...
  4. Dinotopian2002

    Black Friday Clothes Shopping in Abenas

    Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well. Something big happened last week, which was a major personal victory for me. Long story short, I needed to buy some new jeans and trousers, because most of what I have doesn't really fit me well. This is because my incontinence has worsened and the diapers...
  5. EcoIncon

    Admiring Serenity in those that are dual or fecal Incontinent

    It's a beautiful fall day. The leaves are mostly turned and many are falling to the ground. The trail through the woods I normally run is carpeted and the leaves crunch underfoot. The weather is sunny and the temperature in the 50s. I am out for a lunchtime run and really enjoying the day...
  6. miapeters

    Hi again

    Hi guys, I am back on here after a long time and its been a rough couple of years. A lot of things have changed for me as a quad amputee with incontinence. A lot of my perspective has changed as well about incontinence and this community. I have found other communities more inline with helping...
  7. S

    I pee a bit in my underwear when I wake up

    Hello ! I'm a 17 years old girl.. When I wake up everyday, I can't hold my pee and goes a little bit in the underwear. Also I am a DL Please comment what kind of diapers do I need 😉 (I don't like the ones that is very thick)
  8. geekdiaperboy247

    Incontinence progression advice and what to expect

    Hey guys, I was back in diapers on and off for my own choice since my late teen years, and developed mixed (OAB, stress, urge) bladder incontinence in my twenties. My symptoms from earliest to latest: dribbling after peeing in the toilet dribbling after having number #2 dribbling daytime, not...
  9. Incontinence2017

    Incontinence Advice

    This thread is for anyone who may need advice dealing with there incontinence. Hi, my name is James, I have been dealing with incontinence for about 3 years and have faced many obstacles along the way, I mostly spend my time alone (out side of work) and have decided to join this site in hopes...
  10. californiaabdl

    Should I try to wear diapers 24/7?

    Hi, I've been off to college for the past 1.5 years but now I'm back living at home because I'm going to a local community college instead. So, I'll be back living at home like my high school and middle school years. I'll be taking a few online classes and the rest will be on campus. And since...
  11. lilshelly

    new diaper for me.

    I am not going to do a review on this diaper but I have decided to try the Unique wellness Superiro. The jury is still out on this one as I have not been able to test it at work but my first impression is I like the outer cover it is more a vinyl. I also like the fit of the diaper. It...
  12. trysexiea

    What would be for you the improvements to be made to the disposable diaper to make them more pleasant, more practical

    I would like you to use your imagination, to identify the problem of disposable diapers, and I think that if this subject is followed by this community, could find suitable solutions and achievable to correct this problem. For more clarity I propose a minimum layout: My problem with the...
  13. lilshelly

    Snaps or no snaps

    Hey, I have a question and I know it is a manner of preference but here goes. I have started wearing the only pair of plastic pants that I have. I kinda like the sense of security that they give me although not something I am going to wear in the summer time (we will visit that at a...
  14. lilshelly

    cloth backed vs poly backed disposable diapers.

    probably already been addressed in this room but since i was not here for the original post I will put my 2 cents worth in Plastic backed vs Cloth backed disposables. I prefer the plastic backed not because of the baby like factor of the plastic which is what I grew up in but because maybe they...
  15. lilshelly

    Needing diapers and being Told about it.

    Okay so as I have said I have cerebral palsy and I can have trouble making it to the bathroom. That is no secret I am fairly open about it. I have been told that I need to make sure that I have the money to buy my supplies so that I don't run out. The problem with this is when I say...
  16. G

    I'm new so hello!

    Hello there fellow adisc ers I am new here. I joined because I'm having a mental health crisis. I am chronically ill with a severe mental health condition and I wondered are there any other mental health sufferers who have trouble with incontinence due to acute anxiety? Plus does anyone else...
  17. P

    Unexpected embarrassment in front of a woman

    Here’s an episode happened to me last winter. I’m a chronic bed wetter and although I’m not an AB nor DL I’m used to wear selected pieces of clothing as “technical clothing”. It was a Saturday morning, home from work, and I slept the night wearing a blue Privatina sport deluxe footed pajama, a...
  18. Pokogirl

    Considering Stuff Before Going 24/7 Again

    I have been near 24/7 for about 6 months. I had to take a long break due to moving reasons. I'm currently in a position to start wearing again. I gave a lot of thought and reached the conclusion that I would be 24/7 again. And this time for real & without any breaks. I need to consider some...
  19. A

    Supposed I wear a diaper for have autism spectrum disorder? I wear for night time and longest sleep.

    Hi, I’m obsessed about bedwetter. Last year, my bedroom was odors and urine on bed without washing my sheets. Past, I dream became pee it and I ordered some bags of diaper at last September. I wanted goal in future to be participated for ABDL community without alone. I’m happy for now.
  20. Slomo

    Are you incontinent questions

    So I've been seeing a whole lot of people stating they are having (whatever) problems. And they want to know if they are becoming incontinent or should see a doctor. Let me just answer that for everyone and anyone else thinking the same question. YES you need to go see a doctor. More...