incontinence causes

  1. Rufusc24

    Incontinence concern

    I am usually dry but have stress incontinence. I always wear a Tena guard when I ride my bike. After a 15 mile ride I can back was was very wet. Soaked thru the Tena Guard. After I showered and dressed noticed that I started leaking, even though I was not doing any activity that would cause...
  2. kerry

    Does this sub-forum have much active membership?

    Hi, I'm new to Adisc, and I am also new to incontinence. I'm looking for advice, but there does not seem to be much activity here. I've been a bit of a DL most of my life but recently I have lost all bladder control. My doctor has not yet been able to determine any reason for this, but I am...
  3. P

    Going to the toilet more and more often would result in incontinence?

    Some people were wondering in a previous thread if holding would eventually make you go incontinent. It appears to be very dangerous for your kidneys and ureters, on top of the pain already caused by holding it, not to mention the infection risks. Well, as a curious mind, I'm wondering what...