1. lilshelly

    incontinence causes

    So over this past year due to mobility issues I had started wearing diapers more as a preventative measure. I have noticed with the way that I wear I am having a few issues. I wear mainly when I am out because I don't want to have to worry about making it to the bathroom in time to go. I will...
  2. kikee

    Incontinence Dating Website - WARNING !

    "Incontinence Dating" Website - WARNING ! A few weeks ago, I joined a website called "Incontinence Dating", and paid for an annual membership. - The website URL is www DOT incontinencedating DOT com. There is a "Private Chat" feature on the website, as-well-as a "Group Chat" feature, or "Chat...
  3. W

    Has anyone ordered from

    Hello, this is whiteresearcher again; I would like to ask any UK users of this forum if they have tried ordering incontinence products (e.g. Libero size 7 nappies or Tena slip et cetera....) from BM Supplies. They are quite a good site from the looks of it and can do discreet packaging (i.e...