1. padded1989


    Anyone else chubby or kinda big? I have gained weight lately and am just wondering what any of our tips and tricks might be. I do find wearing to be so helpful with more lazy moments happening ;)
  2. G

    My path to incontinence - what you can expect

    I want to report my history of incontinence and how urge incontinence has developed. Maybe for some people who are in one of the earlier stages can preview what to expect. Stage 1 (lasting about 3 month) My toilette frequency increased starting at afternoon. After Lunch I had to go every 20...
  3. EcoIncon

    Mexico, Montezuma, and Diapers

    Recently returned from a warm, sunny trip to Mexico. Was a great trip with lots of fun.... but so thankful for diapers. I took some time to write some advice from what I learned on my trip. Background: I'm incontinent. Mostly urinary though I can't hold #2 very long due to pelvic floor muscle...
  4. archerstaley

    Life After

    This story is based on truth. I have changed names, and locations, etc, but it is a true story after that. Please be gentle as I don't have any writing experience. I will be detailing my life after I was severely injured in the Army. I am don't want to give too much detail away here, so please...
  5. archerstaley

    Talking about disabilities, disabled parking and incontinence to a University

    Talking about disabilities, disabled parking and incontinence to a University is never easy, especially when no one understands physical disabilities. I went through a unnecessary ordeal at my school learn from this and find your advocacy before you get to this level. Read it here --->...
  6. BayB8

    Controlling Bladder Muscles and Wetting diapers

    I was doing some research because I am rather new to all this. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to wear diapers and never really understood it until now. Now I am beginning to wear them more often and I was doing some research on incontinence while in diapers. I read a post from a while ago that...