1. L

    disposal issues

    I suffer from bowel incontinence which my parents accept however I have a liking for wetting which my parents tell me off for doing. I was wondering if there was any way of disposal without a single person knowing. If so please reply! Alex!
  2. DLinSecret

    Acupuncture for IC

    Has anyone tried acupuncture for IC and if so what have been the results? My wife and I have been doing research and found mixed reviews whether or not it’s actually worked.
  3. Angellothefox

    Getting diapers for the first time in yearz

    So I got some of Boots own diapers that cost £9.45 something. First I went to town on a kind of full bladder. I purchased Pampers extra sensitive wipes and me bough baby oil from the pound shop. I needed to ask someone where it was which was a little embarrassing. :sweatdrop: Then bought a...
  4. L

    Finally Saw a Doctor.

    Reference post for understanding here. This morning I had a total melt-down. I woke to fresh warmth in my diaper. Ok, I thought, no problem, and turned to wake my husband, as I do every morning. Already nervous about the doctor's appointment today, I fumbled with everything as I tried to...
  5. Agent66

    Recommendation: Cardinal Health Adult Brief Diapers.

    So nothing flashy with these Cardinal Health diapers, just Green color and a heavy duty work horse in terms of an adult diaper. This is not a review though maybe I'll make some in the future. For now this is just a simple recommendation. So I have purchased a case or two of these recently...
  6. J


    I am 46 years old and was a DL, only wearing time not using/wetting much. In May, on my last day of work, I suddenly got a continuous flow while being in the train 3 hours from home. I asked my wife to pick me up and bring me urgently to the supermarket to be diapers. Since then I am diagnosed...
  7. BabyKai

    Cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

    I've been considering using cloth diapers but I need some help. I'm still waiting for my doctor to assess my incontincence so I don't get any "free" diapers on prescription so my mum buys them and it's costing over £40 a month. Because of this, I'm really thinking about using cloth diapers to...
  8. B

    Becky's Journal Collection

    I have decided to post a few of my stories with being DL’s and incontinent. To learn more about me check out my introduction post. ---> Becky’s Journal Collection - 1 Introduction to Diapers When I first found out about...
  9. B

    Hello everyone

    Hi all! I have been a lurker for a while now. I am incontinent and a DL. I have been involved in groups on fetlife, but haven't really gone much outside of that. I came here to meet more people, get and give advise, and expand my knowledge of the community. I only recently even found out about...
  10. B

    Hello from a UK Newbie...

    Good Evening Guys and Girls, Im a newbie to this site, not a newbie to wearing nappies! I am 37 yo, I live in West Birmingham and have been near enough incontinent for the last 5 years (Medical condition). I wear nappies 24/7 and use various brands. I am lucky enough to have an amazing...
  11. Christophuur

    Celiac Disease

    Around 2 years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease, which In my case was odd since I had never shown any symptoms beyond being constipated and having diarrhea more frequently. But as of the past half a year, it's been way more noticeable with cramps, and has been causing issues more...
  12. Firehawk

    Hello from Australia

    Hello everyone. I'm a male DL who is is incontent mostly at night but it has been working it's way into my daytime life recently. I wet the bed until I was 15 and with the help of medication it stopped. I had breife periods of incontene when I was 21 and 27. When I was 38 it started again...
  13. H

    Still struggling with wet nights

    My Bedwetting hasn't improved much at all these past few weeks. It's been about a year now since battling nightly wet beds or diapers. I hate it so much. I still don't feel used to it. It really brings down my self esteem and makes me feel depressed and angry... I'm going to be 21 in a month and...
  14. D

    "My Journey To Diapers Started When". (All stories welcome)

    My journey to diapers started when I was 13. I seldom had an accident. Often a mistake of forgetting, stress, you name it. But when I was 13, this was my last year of middle school and I fought my way past the bastards already. I was faint considering my near future. I never took kindly to...
  15. Premetheus

    I used to be incontinent

    I got out of diapers at a relatively normal age, but I got back into them after several bedwetting incidents. I wet the bed from the ages of 8-13 (or 9-14 or somehwere around there, the memory is fuzzy) and it was embarassing to have wet the bed when a family member or friend slept near me or on...
  16. Rufusc24

    Hello from Chicago

    I am a DL with some incontinence. The incontinence introduced me to diapers. Even though I am pretty dry, I still like to wear them.
  17. B

    Rearz - Another AB/DL Incontinence Company to Avoid

    Well, yet another Incontinence company in Canada is causing problems for me. This time it's also an AB/DL product supplier. Their name is Rearz. I'm interested in finding out whether somebody from there is part of this forum or group. I'm also interested in knowing whether other people have...
  18. kikee

    Incontinence Dating Website - WARNING !

    "Incontinence Dating" Website - WARNING ! A few weeks ago, I joined a website called "Incontinence Dating", and paid for an annual membership. - The website URL is www DOT incontinencedating DOT com. There is a "Private Chat" feature on the website, as-well-as a "Group Chat" feature, or "Chat...
  19. xtrabulk

    advice on a vintage IC product

    hope I got the pics inserted right...but today I found this vintage pant system. I was wondering if it would be worth putting on Ebay. Any suggestions? I believe they're from the 70s, brand new in box with pamphlet.
  20. J

    The Incontinence Tag

    Here on ADISC you can get a number of tags to show up under your name, such as AB, DL, etc... and one of them is IC for incontinent. My question is, what is the etiquette here on ADISC about using that tag? I sometimes have wetting accidents, but only occasionally, and almost always when I am...