1. Jonjon

    Home Sick

    Well, I've got the sniffles and a temperature of 101.5 in my bottom. I'm already in my favorite football jersey and an ABU Space, and I've got some Tylenol in my system. I'm planning on tucking myself into bed with Boof my bear - any other suggestions for my day?
  2. SimCo

    Mental illness and my abdl side

    For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with long periods of depression that started for no apparent reason and seemed I last forever. Also from as long as I can remember from my very earliest memories, I have harbored a secret and recurring desire to be diapered. Both of these facts are...
  3. Littlebat

    Anybody else under the weather?

    Hello everyone, i'm in bed for the fourth day in a row with an awful flu, playing minecraft and feeling sorry for myself. Is anybody else not too well so we can give a bit of comfort to one another? Do you have any tips and tricks you use to get well again? I've heard drinking lucozade works...