1. partypikachu

    Hello! New member from Indiana

    Hi everyone! My name on here is Devon. I’m a 24 year old male and work two jobs. I have a bachelors in Education and enjoy spending my summers hiking, kayaking, anything outdoors! I also enjoy playing some video games now and then as well. I’ve been a diaper lover since a very young age. I used...
  2. Neet

    Diapers Near St. Louis

    Just a heads up to anyone on the Illinois side of St. Luis, I've found a fantastic place to pick up a few fancier brands of diapers. Maybe not Premium, But definitely better then store brands or depends. It's called Hidegs Health Pharmecy. They have phenomenal service and really, Really good...
  3. T

    Anyone else in Southern Illinois?

    Hey, I'm a single guy from a tiny town in southern Illinois. I'm looking to network with like minded people so if your around the area and interested in finding the same, drop me a line! I've been on this site for well over a year and just now started logging on again. I'm a good looking, fun...
  4. littleluvs

    About Me

    Ive Been a AB/DL Since I was 12. So the last 13 years off and on I have Tried Diffferent Diapers and Im currenttly trying to find someone in Southern Illinois that shares the same intrest as me.
  5. M

    Same guy from Illinois! XD

    Well now. It's seems like it's been at least 2 times when I actually introduced with all great detail and such :D But none the Less. I guess you can call me MrTails (Not a fan of name distribution) lol Other than that...Hello all... I've been always an active member, but due to the recent...