1. Demonbabywearspamps

    What version of Overnights are these?

    Could someone tell me about these version of overnights? I got them from a 3rd party reseller.
  2. Argent

    Diaper ID please, all over print

    Hi peeps, Can someone please ID this diaper for me, I bought it on ebay (in Australia) where it was just called an AB print diaper (I think) but wondering if it has an actual name (not a names like Bob or Jill.)
  3. babywitch

    another diaper identification, :p

    so I was checking out thrift stores on the island, and I can across 2 brands. at the big store, I came across a pack of prevail brief diapers, they are green in colour, so I'm just wondering on the size. Now the main one is I found a few packs at a much closer store, but I can't tell what they...
  4. yourhuggies

    My take on the DL flag, etc.

    There are a bunch of old posts (all closed BTW) about a 'flag' to represent us. I think some kind of real world identifier would be beneficial to everyone in the diaper community. For those that disagree, simply don't use it. But I for one would be highly interested in just how many people out...