1. C

    Diaper activities?

    What do you like doing while you're in a diaper? It can be something you only do while in a diaper or something you find more fun in a diaper. Just wanted to get some ideas of things to do to enjoy this part of my life further!
  2. M

    Diaper rash/smell prevention idea.

    So I've had this idea for a long time. But, why don't they put like Activated Carbon and this stuff like Seachem Purigen in diapers? Seachem Purigen is made for removing ammonia/nitrite/nitrate and stuff, and it's re-usable. (could work great in a cloth diaper.) It's all safe, I mean like...
  3. A

    dealing with the smell

    so i have looked around a bit and have yet to really find a thread dedicated to dealing with the smell of used diapers, so i'll post what i have learned here and hopefully some new ideas will come up. so far the best solution i have found for containing the smell of used diapers is a military...
  4. CryBaby

    Ideas for My New Little space Room?

    Hey guys, haven't been around for a while, sorry about that!! I've been super busy finding a job (which I finally got today!) and now planning to move. When I move I'm going to have a room dedicated to Littlespace. I already have some ideas, but I want more! Lots and lots and lots more! Gimme...
  5. BabyKai

    I need feedback on this story I'm going to do.

    Hi, I'm really into writing stories but this is my first ABDL story. I've written quite a bit so far and would love feedback, negative or positive. As long as you aren't rude about it (although I doubt anyone will be since it seems this website is just full of very lovely, caring, friendly...
  6. C

    Fun and Safe Diapered Activities

    Hey everyone! So often, I see overeager young ABDLs searching for fun things to do in diapers. The only problem with this is that so many of the ideas they have or are given cross the line between harmless fun and harmful fun (messing at home vs messing in a train car, natural messing vs...
  7. C

    My girlfriend is going to try wetting! Advice?

    So, when we were hanging out at a relatively empty beach the other day, I made a bet/deal with my girlfriend. If I would go swim in the cold water (we had just been tanning and relaxing on the beach) in my underwear, then she would try wetting a diaper for the first time ever. Needless to say, I...
  8. D

    Gift idea

    During the holidays i received a $50 credit card and im thinking about what to get. I either want to get some diaper sampler pack or maybe a onesie of some kind, any suggestions or recomendations?
  9. A

    Hello/ new diaper idea

    Hello everypony and everyone. Just call me bixus. it's nice to emet you all. but i have a quick question for you guys. would any of you like to see diapers made with my little pony on them that aren't just for babies? and not just adults? but making diapers that us teens can fit into without...
  10. L

    How to sleep better?

    I'm beginning to think I may have acute insomnia...I just can't sleep at all! It's hard enough for me to get to sleep at night (if at all) and then when I do, I wake up all the time. I know that stress can cause it, but I'm not sure I'm stressed about anything. Well, not anymore. But anyway...
  11. DanielleThePoet

    Calling all D&D players!

    Hi guys. My friends and I are starting a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and we need a some new ideas. When I say ideas, i mean things like boss fights, our main bad guy, and dungeons. Feel free to contribute anything you can think of though :). Thanks, too all who help.
  12. PermababyTobias

    new ideas?

    Does any one have some suggestions of fun things to do in diapers?
  13. Toronado12

    I need some ideas.

    Alright.. So me and my girlfriend have to skype to see each other. She lives in Australia and is immigrating here(US) next year. She absolutely loves this side of me, and I often just hang out with her on skype in a diaper. She often wants me to do some cute stuff for her, but doesn't know...
  14. BabyMitchy

    AB/DL Themed Music Ideas and Works (Help Me Out!)

    So, I am working on producing a lot of music.... I am also in the works of recording some shows as well. The purpose of this thread is to keep what I produce available in one thread alone.... PLUS.... A place for you guys to help me with IDEAS and comments/suggestions. (Please keep them polite...
  15. ScoobyDooKiddo

    Help with Crafty Ideas making a Xmas present for a girlfriend

    Dear ADISC I need your help!!! Trying to do something outside the normal. I'm trying to create, build, craft a present to my girlfriend for chirstmas. I understand the whole buying craze that everyone is into dont get me wrong. Honestly I would like to give something to her that came from the...
  16. ElijahLee

    Diapers, what are good. etc.

    Hello! I need to ask you guys, I am a TB and I have been using depends for years now, but I want something better than I have now. I can get the diapers @ family dollar, dollar general and a pharmacy. I was wondering if they sell anything better then depends since I am getting more into it, I...
  17. NickyOmutsu

    Windows 8

    OK there are many of us that are programmers here many mostly with MSDN accounts and many that don't still have access to the Release Preview, So I would like to know what you hate and like about windows 8 In BLUE please post your likes and in RED your dislikes but please post details on why...
  18. Cbigge

    Website ideas

    I am a web developer that is looking for site ideas. Dose anyone have a idea, or need a site made for them
  19. SuperTed

    Diapers + Environment = Bad!!

    Hey fellow ADISC members! Just thought I'd raise a topic that seems to have had very little discussion. I really don't want to seem like a enviro-do gooder or anything, but have you ever considered the amount of extra landfill we create by wearing diapers as a hobby. Every time I chuck out a...
  20. Shadowhawk

    Home Sick

    Being home sick has its good and bad. The good is that i have plenty of time to check the fourms here :biggrin: . The bad is no one is here to actualy talk :wallbash: Any ideas you guys have to kill some time when your sick?