1. M

    Diaper rash/smell prevention idea.

    So I've had this idea for a long time. But, why don't they put like Activated Carbon and this stuff like Seachem Purigen in diapers? Seachem Purigen is made for removing ammonia/nitrite/nitrate and stuff, and it's re-usable. (could work great in a cloth diaper.) It's all safe, I mean like...
  2. captainpollution

    Great business idea

    I went to the YMCA by my house yesterday and a great idea dawned on me. Someone needs to start up an AB/DL/IC friendly recreational center. First, there would ideally be a fully operational fitness/exercise facility. Some companies advertise their business as 'judgment free; what a crock...
  3. KittyninjaW

    I want to turn my avatar into a babyfur, Ideas

    Hey its me again just waiting at this rate, anyway I really want to turn my avatar into a baby fur, but I don't know where to begin, Its really something I have been thinking about for a while now and I want to know how to do it.
  4. KittyninjaW

    ABDL Finder app

    You know I have been thinking about Abdl signals, and I was thinking what if there was a phone or tablet app, that would let us know when there is another Abdl in the area, and sent us a message or a thing using your normal ringtone as not to cause suspicion, and put it out for free on android...
  5. MatalicPebble

    Got the wrong size

    I have got the wrong size from ebay. Since the shipping was free and it being such a good deal I can't ship them back. I would lose them and the money I paid for them. I contacted the seller before they shipped but they said they could not exchange them even though I would have paid the...
  6. Piplup

    AB Documentary?

    So let me start off by saying that I'm film student who's become very interested in documentaries in the past few months. And an ABDL doc probably isn't something I would do. But have fantasized about. We all know there've been AB's on TV documentary series, and they're NOT a good...
  7. D

    This may be a new idea for heavy wetters (males).

    I had an illness with fever and was given a medication which gave me diarrhea at first. (This is not about the diarrhea, though.) Because of the diarrhea, I wore a Prevail brand light pull-up type diaper to bed as a precaution. Either the illness or the medication made me wet the bed big time...
  8. betagame

    Rep/reporting in the wiki?

    I wonder if this will be implemented, because people have excellent wiki articles and no rep is given to them, I think i deserve rep for my Ordering Online article. Also I would like reporting for vandalism and other serious issues. I think it would be as great idea.
  9. Jewbacca

    Idea about getting diapers at the store

    I just had an idea which may help people who are nervous about getting diapers in real life/being seen getting diapers. What you'd do is make it out to be a game where you're trying get the weirdest look from the cashier. One of the things you could get would be: some kool-aid mix, a ball of...