1. ABCelaenasWorld

    Look at what she made me🥰

    mommy made this for me 🥰it makes me smile and feel free when I look at this😌😇 she said this is how she sees me when I'm in little space🥺🥺🥺
  2. munkey

    When you have mild incontinence and wear diapers but can use the toilet question

    I don’t post much, but thank you to those that do. I’ve been mentally stuck and am looking for some community insight. Earlier this year I started wearing diapers 24/7 to manage my IBS and stop accidents in my pants. I’ve always had minor issues with IBS all my life but never wore diapers to...
  3. inconsurferdude

    Best THIN diaper for fecal incontinence

    Preferably something plastic-backed with leg guards. I've been having on-again off-again problems with IBS for nearly a year, and am already in diapers full time for bladder issues. Most of my bowel accidents are while asleep or in the morning right after waking up, so I wear very thick...
  4. R

    Hi! New wearer

    Hello! Decided to join now that I am actually wearing diapers (belted pads); I'm pretty sure a result of anxiety medication I started taking this summer. It was helpful to read about other wearers and thought I might post about my experience. Diapers have never been a singular fixation, I...
  5. N

    a little confused

    Hello, this is my first post! Anyways I'm new to this forum and incontinence all together. I think it's awesome that there is a community for inc people and AB/DL. Growing up, I always thought it was a little funny or ridiculous to see someone other than a baby, child, or old person in a...
  6. SeaLionMan1982

    I'm a new poster

    Hi I have IBS-A which means sometimes I have diarrhea sometimes constipation although the thought of wearing diapers as a turn on does appeal to me. I don't currently wear diapers normally but have worn pull ups before. Professionally I work in IT, I don't really want to go into anymore than...
  7. inconsurferdude

    No longer using the toilet

    I just realized while writing a response in another thread that I haven't used a toilet at all in over a week, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've been having off-and-on again issues with IBS the past few months, and after weeks of waking up with painfully strong bowel urges for days on...
  8. Cthulhu

    Trouble working out with IBS

    Often when i'm running or doing some very demanding exercise like deadlifts or squats, my stomach goes bananas. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes i just suddenly have to go to the restroom. I usually don't have a problem going #2 in public, but it's a bit embarrassing when you're in there for...
  9. leffykit

    doctor dilemma

    I've not been round here as much as I used to be and TBH its because I'm a little depressed and a little frustrated, and reading through other topics here hasn't really helped how I feel. For those who recall my post about my problems with IBS I did see the doctor again, having already been...
  10. leffykit

    Irritable bowel syndrome

    Not quite incontinence, but I thought this would be the best place for it. I've suffered IBS since I hit puberty and recently had my worst (still ongoing) bout of it. I would never have considered forcing it myself, but I feel I've just had a glimpse of incontinence and its something I'd rather...