1. NorthShoreAdam

    Donations Needed by NC Diaper Bank for Hurricane Florence Victims - NorthShore Will Pay for Shipping Send to: North Carolina Diaper Bank 1311 East Club Blvd. Durham NC 27704 NorthShore is sending over 500 cases of diapers and wipes to support the Florence victims. If...
  2. Pramrider

    Hurricane Sandy...

    ...Nor' Easter Sandy...whatever form the storm takes when it hits your area. Hope everyone living here on the US east coast, especially from the mid-Atlantic on north, has made their preparations for the storm. Please take the warnings seriously and do whatever you need to in keeping yourselves...
  3. gottibear

    Hurricane isaac.

    Anyone else about to get hit by Isaac? While I usually don't get bothered over crap weather, I now have a wife, 5 dogs, live in a shitty trailer that isn't even anchored down, and live in south central Al.