1. DiaperLifer

    Best Baby Diaper, AS a Booster, in A Megamax or BetterDry

    I'm currently using Pampers Size 7 Cruisers (in Canada) And is usually held in place by a XL Goodnites. What's your favorite combination? I was thinking maybe Huggies, as I'm in my mid 30s and never tried the brand before. I usually slit these diapers to act as a flow through booster
  2. Friggles

    The Big Little Drynites Change...

    I know it seems like such a miniscule detail to an outsider but I really really loved the look, fit and feel of the older Drynites(right). They'd come in a pack of 9, they were thick enough to feel safe in, and they just had a really nice feel, inside and out. But Huggies had to go and change...
  3. Sam

    White Rectangle at the front of Goodnites L - What is it?

    This is an exclusive "feature" for size L, AFAIK other sizes don't have this. - it looks like a wetness indicator, but it is not. - My second guess is rather ridiculous: when kids go to slumber parties and there are more than one bed wetters, write the names of the respective kid in the blank...
  4. Sam

    Got Huggies Little Movers size 7

    I like them! The lion king and the wetness indicators are cute, also the extra purple tabs in front helps with keeping the fasteners in place. Tried them on, not sure about how the capacity compares but they for sure absorb much faster than Pampers Cruisers and gives me a stronger sense of the...
  5. ben10hnt

    Libero vs Huggies pull-ups

    I recently come across Libero diaper. Based on the packaging, the brand looks very similar to Huggies Drynite. Are the two brands owned by the same company? And how are they different?
  6. F

    Huggies diaper pants

    so I have been enamored with diapers since I was very young, but I am not attracted at all to adult style diapers, or even the juvenile themed diapers like crinklez and paws. I have spent a good portion of my life trying to figure out how to make "real" (imho) diapers fit a big guy like me. A...
  7. C

    Hello from Dorset. -intro

    Hello I am a fairly new DL who has not yet experienced all types of diapers. I will ask for help from time to time and would love to meet new friends. My name is Casey and I'm a TB/TDL I like diaper girls and mummys if anyone wants to meet up. I could also meet with other boys to discuss stuff...
  8. Karit

    What Was The Last Diaper You Wore Before Potty Training?

    Was it a disposable or cloth? What was the brand, if you can remember? Did you ever try to wear them again after potty training? As for myself, I've been a DL all my life. I can remember wearing Pampers into the early '70's. My last diaper was a Toddler size Pampers that just came out. Before...
  9. Pokogirl

    Anyone tried Huggies Wonder Pants??

    I have a 26 inch waist. And I'm thinking of getting these : What's your opinion about them? Will they fit me? Are they discreet enough for public wearing? What's the result in case of performance? I have been mainly wearing Mamy Poko Pants size XXL. They fit me quite well. They are...
  10. XLdiapers

    Was it common for bedwetters to use Diaper Genies?

    Was it common for older bedwetting kids to use Diaper Genies for their diapers? Did any of your parents have you use them?
  11. W

    First time!

    I bought my first package of diapers last night while on the road, some Huggies for toddlers. It was so nerve racking! :sweatdrop: the worst pet was that he cashier was a hot girl that looked at me funny when I was buying them... what if she had said something? I would've been so embarrassed I...
  12. W

    Goodnites S/M vs L/XL

    Im skinny with a 28 inch waist I know i can fit into a medium goodnites but i was wondering if i wore a large goodnites if it would over more area like a diaper sized for me would
  13. XLdiapers

    Diapers size 7 in Private Label Brands

    Does anyone know of any supermarket private label brands of diapers that come in a size 7? I know H-E-B Supermarkets in Texas have them, but are there others?
  14. B

    Dry nites

    Hello, I've just ordered some huggies drynites large. Hopefully they arrive on Tuesday as promised. I weight about 55kg so they should fit me. My question is if you had a chance to wear any. If so, did you like them? Gosh, I'm very excited :D
  15. S

    Diaper Sizing Help?

    I've been looking to get a pack of kid's diapers or pull ups but they don't seem to offer measurement sizing beyond weights, so I'm hoping someone here will know what might fit me. It's my first time buying diapers and I don't have a lot of money to spare so I can't really do a lot of trial and...
  16. G

    Baby Diapers for 20 year old?

    Asking here as a diaper lover (just wetting/flooding, no messing), what diapers (if any) would fit a 6'3" 32-34 waist size 20 year old? I know goodnites do, I'm wearing a wet pair right now, and have a pack of Abena M4's, but is there like any baby diapers that would fit? Like Pampers Size 7 or...
  17. GoodnitesFan97

    Rapunzel(Disney)on Huggies Pull-Ups

    Who remembers the Disney character, Rapunzel on any of the girls Huggies Pull-Ups, she's from Tangled!
  18. M

    Huggies Little Movers Diaper Pants

    I was browsing through my local Sunday ad and came across the advertisement at Target specifically for these diapers. I remember that Oz and NZ both had something similar and just like those, these are gender specific (blue for boys; pink for girls). I was wondering if anyone has info about it...