1. B


    Just saying hy because i am new.I am 23 years old living in england.I like lots of things.And i am wanting to make some friends.
  2. AceMorgan


    So I'd totally be original and do my own thing but I'm a creature of habit and structure so I'm going by the little template that was shown in...the...other thread :x SO HERE WE GO :D 1) Hello! Who are you? Hmmm...let's see. Well my name is actually Hailey, but when I'm feeling little I don't...
  3. S


    Hi all, Lets start with education, I have two degrees an undergraduate in photography and a Masters in Film and digital image. I spent the last two years living in Sydney, Australia going to school and working in the film and television industry. My hobbies include reading fantasy and...