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  1. Angellothefox

    How to find your posts/replies and comments on ADISC

    This is for anyone and everyone and everything that do not want adisc emailing them and telling them they have a new reply. If you have clicked you would like to resive notifications when people have posted well done. You do not need to read this tutorial:thumbsup: This is for the adisc users...
  2. MellowYellow

    I want to start peeing in my diaper while I sleep :D

    Would really be helpful if anyone had any information that I could use to achieve this. I'm afraid of hypno-files (like "Warpmymind") they claim to be curses (the majority) that the people who are then cursed have to pay for the removal of the curse, sounds like some serious shit, I don't want...
  3. Rattie

    Do's and dont's: guidelines on fursuiting etiquette

    Newcomers like me, may wonder what's the best way to act while fursuiting. I tried to condense the do's and dont's of this thread, which is the basis of this guide. General suiting: Do: Have a handler. This is a person that can help you in times of need. A handler is your eyes, ears, guide...
  4. A

    How do you put on and wear a diaper?

    Okay, I've read stuff about wearing diapers but I've never actually worn one. And somewhat surprisingly I've never seen anyone changed in my entire life. I don't know how to prep or what else I need besides the item in question. I have no idea. I mean I heard something about baby powder...