1. M

    Houston roommate?

    Anyone in Houston looking for a roommate? I grew up mostly in Atascocita/Huffman. Long story short, parents divorced two years ago. My dad's house sold yesterday- and I'm worried he might get some kind of lawyer to screw my mother out of the money she got from their separation. (It's probably a...
  2. pinkloyd

    intro to me

    Hi everyone. I am a diaper lover, and have other interests i am hoping to explore. I would love to chat with other people who share similar interests. I identify as bisexual most of the time, but I currently don't have a partner. Hope to meet all of you online! Update: I work in a boring...
  3. Blukit

    Blu Babyfur here ^.^

    :biggrin: Hewwooo!! I'm Blu. I'm a very very chill, but playful computer technician currently attending college for a bachelor's degree, with a major atleast in computer science, or a double major with computer science including Radio, Television Video & Film, or electrical Engineering. I have...
  4. kalynnharvey

    My name is Kyle

    Haha hey guys. My name is kyle. I live in Texas =P. Sorry ive made a few posts before i actually made my introduction. Just made new account a few days ago but i've been familiar with this website for about 2 years. I love you guys. I like how you don't just talk about diapers and sex. I...