hospital diaper changed

  1. xtrabulk

    My recent surgery and diapers

    Well, I'm nearly healed from my fusion. I thought I'd write a short followup. I did wake up in a molicare premium soft! I thought it was after the surgery, but it was in Recovery. My wife says I requested it after a bathroom visit where, supposedly, I complained about dribbling. I don't...
  2. T

    Finished Amanda Lana (from The AB Hospital) Promo

    Hi! I'm Amanda Lana. And I'm a client of the AB hospital created by Doctor Elizabeth Hipstress and her sister, Doodle. Oh? You ask who these people are? Well, let me tell you how i met them. I was just traveling one day on my way to a AB/DL con, mostly cause I like role playing with friends from...
  3. Hyperlitegreen

    Changed in hospital??

    Has anyone been diapered in a hospital??