1. LennyFace

    How you used to emulate the feeling of a diaper.

    I'm sure many of us have made Impromptu diapers when we were young, when had no way of obtaining a legitimate diaper such as The Classic Towel Diaper, The Abomination that was the TP Diaper and many more. These Homemade Diapers were mainly built for "functionality" and not really for the over...
  2. Sitherus

    why cant i find a onesie

    If I can buy a T-Shirt for 5 dollars or less made of cotton Or a night gown/dress cotton for 13 and less then why is it so hard to find a onesie for less than 40 dollars. Also whats wrong with clothing distributors. If your tall your fat.If your skinny your small. Im 6'6" and skinny 200 lbs I...
  3. Ringo5

    Don't have a baby bottle? No problem!

    Hey guys! I recently discovered an awesome way to make baby bottles. What you do is take a used water bottle, poke a tiny hole on the top of it with a fork or something along the lines of it, and then fill it up with milk! It's super easy. It helps me calm down and relax, and even soothes me to...
  4. ArtikSnow

    How to make baby wipes.

    Hey all id like to share this with you all and i hope this helps. ^^ Baby wipes can be expensive if you got to keep going out and buying them am i right? Some just turn to using wash cloths or even the shower trick. But you can make your own baby wipes. What you will need to make them. 1: A...