homemade diaper

  1. VenusRose

    (in my opinon) best homemade diaper!

    This is my opinion, and if you have any other cool ways to make your own diaper, totally comment about it! So, as what I like to call an 'Undercover ABDL' it's hard to just go out a buy diapers, especially if you have watchful parents, no way to get to a store, or if you just have no money. So...
  2. S

    Homemade diaper help

    I have followed the article, but the diapers just won't fit right in the waist. Is there a way to fix this? I have made four of them and none of them are secure enough.
  3. S

    How to make a diaper

    I want to experience being in a diaper, but I am not able to buy any. Are there any ways of making a diaper?