1. I

    How do you wear diapers if you live with parents!?

    So I've been into diapers for a while now and whenever I do get the chance to wear (very VERY rarely) it just takes a huge amount of stress off and I enjoy every second of it! I'm currently 18 and just about to move to university soon where I'm going to be living with roommates for a year (don't...
  2. Angellothefox

    Halloween is coming is it exeptable to be a abdl?

    One Halloween has gone please lock this thread. Thank you So halloween is upon us and is coming up. This is a perfect time to awsre the door in your big onesie or diaper with the excuse of this is my Halloween costume.:thumbsup: But would that be the case? is it exeptable to be a abdl at...
  3. Bear85

    life's little problems with ic

    Just curious, and possibly looking for some hints for my own life, how do the other genuinely ic members here deal with being ic with work/home life/school (uni/college)? What I mean by this in my own experience ; I have issues with my living situation, I dont feel comfortable letting my...
  4. tiny

    Where are you from? Where do you call home?

    I can't remember seeing one of these threads for a while... so I thought I'd ask everyone... Where are you from? Where do you call home? Where are you living (or, if you are temporarily living away, where do you normally live)? I'm sure Moo could give us the statistics of all registered...
  5. C

    Unable to urinate whilst walking.

    Ok so i was walking through the woods on the way home while wearing a diaper and felt the need to pee. Stopped top start peeing and thought i would be able to carry on whilst walking but as soon as i started to walk the flow stopped and i had to stop to finish off. Has anyone else had this...
  6. ziaperdiaper

    I'm still here:P

    Glad to be here. Diaperspace.com went under. :( That was like a home for me. But This place has a great chat network:) Also started a new group called Cray O la Crayon Peeps. Check it out:P If you like to color or draw, paint or scratch this is the place for you:) In short this is my new...
  7. Shadowhawk

    Home Sick

    Being home sick has its good and bad. The good is that i have plenty of time to check the fourms here :biggrin: . The bad is no one is here to actualy talk :wallbash: Any ideas you guys have to kill some time when your sick?