home alone

  1. Ian16545

    More time alone = more diapers for me!

    Well, it's that time again—my parents left me in charge of the house to go another river cruise, this time to the Riviera between France and Italy. And you know that means: I get to wear diapers again! This time, I ordered three 2-packs of DC Idyl off of Amazon (which came this morning). And...
  2. plasticsounds

    How do you decide?

    I am day three into a four day alone/diaper time at home. My wife and kid are out of town while I had to go to work. Over the last few years I have amassed a very large and diverse collection of diapers which is presenting a problem for me. I can not decide which diaper to wear next. The...
  3. BabyLink9

    Family Gone for a Week (Suggestions?)

    So my parents are gonna be out of town sometime in June. I have decided that I'm gonna order a bunch of diapers to try going 24/7 during that week! My younger brother and sister will still be around however. •_• I also think I'm only going to go number 1, and not 2 (not sure how I feel about...
  4. Ian16545

    Just got my Bambino Classicos today!

    OK, so my parents are FINALLY away on a 12-day river cruise in Europe—and I've got the whole house to myself for the time being. So, I took the opportunity of buying myself a twin case of large Bambino Classico diapers off of Amazon. Luckily, I ordered them on the spur of the moment under a...
  5. Doctorwalrus

    when home alone

    when your home alone what kind of diapered stuff do you? i like to just walk around and chill in nothing but a diaper
  6. Piplup

    Is this what it's really like?

    So I'm cat/house sitting for my aunt and uncle for a total of 5 days. During these days thus far, I haven't had to hide my pacifier, I can just leave it by my bed without a care. Today, I'm just leaving my diapers and changing supplies in my room, but out in the open! I can walk around the house...
  7. S

    Favorite/Happiest moments in diapers

    Aaaahh. Sitting on the couch in a wet goodnite with my paci while i'm home alone for the evening. :smile1: Its moments like these that make it great to be a diaper lover/teen baby. What are some of your favorite or happiest moments in diapers?