1. Z

    Special Needs

    I have special needs (autisum) but because of it i require to wear a nappy(diaper) 24/7 im smart but sadly due to medical resons i wear one does anyone else have this also whenever i go on holiday airport security make me take it off and then put on their one what is way too small sometimes way...
  2. DanDanSuperman

    The Interruption

    Beginning I couldn’t decide between the steamed fish and grilled chicken thigh. They were both similarly priced and, I imagined, a similar portion size. I settled for the chicken: the French fries swayed it. Dean was having a burger. He seemed quiet. I rubbed his knee under the table...
  3. J


    hello! I have to introduce myself to reach search. I'm just passing through, after we go on holiday. : Grand sourire:
  4. B

    Going to Thailand soon.

    Hai everyone, I'm heading off to Thailand soon with my family but I'll have my own room and therefor some privacy and I was just wondering what good adult (taped) diapers they have over there. If any of you have been to Thailand or live in Thailand and have some experience with the adult diapers...
  5. D

    Plan to wear around friend on holiday

    Hi Everyone Want your thought on a slightly immoral but potentially interesting plan. I'm going away in the summer with a friend on a road trip and really want to be able to wear some nappies but also see if its something they might try without giving away that I'm a DL. So my idea is to...
  6. Sitherus

    Christmas Plans

    What do you have planned for Christmas this year "2012"? "Me, I've got plans to go to New York." I will be heading there on the 13th and will be staying there till the ball drops. Ill be staying there with family and be enjoying my time there." How bout any of you?
  7. D

    Buying diapers on holiday

    Last week I was in Prague on holiday, and I needed some adult diapers since I only brought two pcs. of Molicare SuperPlus with me. Well, it took two days before I could buy some, as 60% of the pharmacists didn't speak English, and 80% of those who did understand me, didn't have adult diapers...
  8. SoggyDoggy

    Christmas / Holiday decoration: How crazy do you get?

    I figured I would ask this little question since it has become an obsession for me. I have been decorating the outside of my house like a crazy man. I can't stop buying and adding more light, decorations, and ultimately more extension cords. I do believe my front yard is a fire hazard. I was...
  9. betagame

    Can we take down the Christmas logo now? and can we put the winter logo up?????

    Its after new year, instead we can put back the winter logo back up. Most people have already taken down their Christmas decorations.
  10. betagame

    What Do You Think You're Getting For Christmas?

    What do you think you're getting for Christmas. Wow not one Christmas thread about presents.
  11. mizzycub

    A Weeks Holiday

    Hi there. Just telling you that I'm gonna be absent without computer connection for a week as of this Saturday. I'm going on holiday to Cornwall (:D) with my parents (:frown:). Anyways, I won't be around so if you wonder where I am that is your answer. Of course, as soon as I get back I'll be...