1. MellowYellow

    Salutations! AB/DLs

    Hello this is my first post and I'd love to introduce myself to the community. First offid like to thank all the viewers that checked this post I am humbled by the time taken to put the research in. I am student of the game of curling (with brooms and rocks) I am also an avid gamer. The games...
  2. D

    Hello all

    Hello!! i'm delacruz I'm a newbie here I'm a cool french guy and still a student I'm here because when i was younger i have some bedwettings problems and i kind of developed an interest in diaper. In my spare time i like hanging out with friends, going at the movie theatre, or to an...
  3. paddedpants4me

    Hello ADISC!

    Hello good people of ADISC. Im paddedpants4me and brand new here. Figured that now is a good as time as any for a little intro post. Only recently have I begun reaching out to others in the AB/DL community. I hope to be able to post and make friends on the forums here. I also just started a...