1. D

    Cigar recommendations?

    Ive been a cigar smoker for a few years now and I’m wondering if anyone else is a fellow brother of the leaf. I typically enjoy medium body to full Maduro cigars. Some labels I really like are the Tabernacle Nicaraguas or Havana seeds, the La Palina bronze and black labels, the Arturo Fuente...
  2. Poofybutt

    Anyone Big on Comics

    Hey there, Was wondering if anyone else on the forum is big into reading comic books? Comic books are a staple of my entertainment when I am not in baby-mode. Some of my absolute favourites that I have read recently include the Image comics series' Headlopper, Royal City and Sex Criminals...
  3. RzHeck

    Hobbies and intrests

    Hey I'm curious as to what some of the community members do in their spare time, besides the obvious. For example I'm a rock climber I started the beginning of this year but I freaking love it. Is there anyone else who's a avid climber. Or do you have another hobby that you absolutely in love with?
  4. AmberBulb95

    Hello, Adisc!

    I'm new to this kind if thing. I love dummies, bottles and diapers. I have many hobbies including: sport shooting, electric guitar and woodworking. What's your favorite dummy? I'm currently sucking my 'super soft' tommee tippee :)
  5. tadhgaby

    A big Yahoo, from western Canada!

    Greetings. I am a 'silver-bootie' (meaning older) adult baby. I live in western Canada. I'm creative, caring, hard-working, and thoughtful. I am in a long term, committed relationship. I enjoy regressing and playing with my trucks or coloring on the floor or in my playpen. I cuddle with my...
  6. Nadia

    What's your hobby (s)?

    I am looking to pick up a new hobby, something to be passionate about. So I was just wondering what hobbies (besides ABDLism) you have and how you got into them and what it is about them that you like. For me a hobby I have is just listening to a vast variety of music. The thing I love about...
  7. CrystalPhoenix

    Hello Everyone

    I am so very excited about being a part of this website. I know that I've been into being an abdl for quite a few years now and just finding other people like me is a blessing. My little is Crystal and she definitely enjoys using diapers, cuddling, playing with her teddy bear, and just relaxing...
  8. TeddyBearCowboy

    Help Requested - AB/TB/DL's Who are we and what do we like (besides diapers)?

    :detective3 Besides the obvious question that some of us asked before finding ADISC, "Does anyone else like diapers besides me?", I am guessing that there are a lot of members who may wonder "How many other ab/tb/dl's are like me or have the same types of "non-diaper" interests as me?" :chin...
  9. Apexxx

    Hello there!

    Hey there! I love to do anything I can to stay active and hate it when i regularly can't be apart of a sports team. I have played soccer all my life and have loved every bit of it. I have lived in many different countries over my lifetime and soccer seems to have been the only sport to be played...
  10. Fenrierlilfolf

    Experimenting with my inner cub

    Greetings ^^ My name is Ivan, but on here I'll go by my fursona's name, fenrier folf. I'm a young adult from mexico, and am currently studying animation and graphics design. I'm also a mildly talented pseudo-artist :P I aspire to someday have my own multimedia studio :biggrin: I don't like to...
  11. GundamMeister7

    Which Gundam Model is awesomer

    Simple question, which of these looks the coolest. Im thinkin of getting a new one to build cuz im almost done with the one I'm working on now. A. Astray Blue Frame 2nd L http://www.saint-ism.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/mg_blue_frame_2nd_preview_4.jpg B. Kshatriya NZ-666 1/100 NZ-666...
  12. F

    My Introduction ^^

    Hi there :sweatdrop: well I'm a 17 year old TB/DL and like a lot of people here I'm somewhat shy and insecure or at least in real life. This is my first time on a forum so be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes.:detective3 Im a big fan of video games, enjoy drawing and though rare I...
  13. pistachio62


    Hello, My name is Brandon, I'm 16 years old, and I'm a Junior in High School. I enjoy wearing diapers a lot, but can rarely find the time and privacy to do this. Neither of my parents work a conventional job so they are home all the time. I have a small stash of diapers in my possession, some...