1. PaciL0ver

    Highchair and stroller

    I wondered in which highchair or stroller I could still fit. However, I hope not to have to pay a high price. Maybe I will fit in larger models of modern highchairs and strollers? I weigh 126 pounds and I am 5 feet and 6 inches tall.
  2. L

    A new nursery

    I'm looking to build my own nursery and would love for you guys to share ideas and pics of your nursery. I live in the uk and furniture is very limited if i could get a few links for furniture highchairs, cribs, play pens, etc i would be a very happy baby. Thanks:smile1::smile1:
  3. L

    building a nursey

    Hi guys. I'm a new member and looking to build a new nursery for myself and a few friends. I live in the UK and I'm looking for ideas or anywhere I can buy furniture, highchair, cot bed, changing bed etc. Would it be cheaper to buy or try and build myself. Any pics or advice from you guys would...
  4. Pramrider

    An Enjoyable Lunch Today

    As if the dream I related wasn't enjoyable enough, I was surprised to find myself home alone half the afternoon today. I took a couple days off from work to get some things done outside before the cold weather sets in. Soon as I found out everyone was going out for a couple hours, I made plans...
  5. kittenjossee

    Baby Furniture

    Does anyone still have some of there baby furniture and still fit inside of it? I still fit in my old highchair with the tray in the middle position and I can fit in my old stroller although the belt doesn't go around me anymore. I'd love to try to see how far I can get into my sisters car...
  6. B

    Real Baby Highchairs

    Hi All, I'm looking for a high chair that i can fit into that is also real baby high chair. I was just wondering if anyone similar to my size (130lbs, 30" waist, 5'8") has fit into some. If so, what models of high chairs were they? I was at a friends house and they had a highchair i could...
  7. Pramrider

    Love This Ebay Highchair Listing

    Interesting selling tactic! Instead of a toddler posed in it the seller has a teen/young adult sitting in this vintage Strolee highchair. Looks like she's patiently waiting for her meal. ;) Maybe they're attempting to appeal to the *B ebay audience showing that a young adult can easily fit in...
  8. Pramrider

    A Word or Two On High Chairs...

    Kind of an addendum to the 'cribs/playpens/strollers' thread we had in this forum some weeks back. If you would like a *real* baby high chair to use, and you're a 32 waist (maybe a bit more) or smaller, this is the kind on the ebay links below you need to look out for in second hand/thrift...
  9. Pramrider

    The Mind of an AB

    Amazes me sometimes how easily my mind can drift to the AB side. This evening I made an innocent enough stop at a Taco Bell to get soft tacos to take home for supper. It was pretty empty in the place, and I was the only customer waiting. Over by the counter where the trays of sauce packets were...