high chair

  1. woodenpotty

    high chair - potty chair

    https://imgur.com/HwTVNJ8 Did anyone have one of these combination high/potty chairs? And how did your family use it? My childhood neighbor had three boys, two of which were my about my age. The third, Roy, was three or five years younger. The three of us spent a lot of time in each...
  2. L

    A new nursery

    I'm looking to build my own nursery and would love for you guys to share ideas and pics of your nursery. I live in the uk and furniture is very limited if i could get a few links for furniture highchairs, cribs, play pens, etc i would be a very happy baby. Thanks:smile1::smile1:
  3. ABAlex2

    Cutie Baby

    (In case anyone is wondering, "Cutie" is the ABDL name of Kota, a 22 year old girl who requested these stories. Most of the other characters are people from the community or my other stories) Part 1: The Birthday Party I sit on the couch, reading the newspaper as Cutie played with her toys. Or...
  4. Pramrider

    For The Baby High Chair Aficionado

    This one would be wonderful to have if you're into real baby furnishings: High Chair Stroleeyouth Folding Vintage Antique Retro Baby Child Seat Stool | eBay Has the added advantage of the tray support arms retracting to turn it into a youth chair. Just about any adult could also pull this up to...